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I have 26+ years experience with the science and art of managing physicians and their relationships with other professionals, including Administrators, Physicians, Nurses and others who deliver clinical care or services. I also advise those others in the way to develop and maintain their relationships with Physicians. I have provided coaching and interim services.

I have a thorough grounding in Infotech issues and have had unparalleled success connecting Physicians with their digital alter egos, even when they did not at first know that they had one. Part of that succes comes from the ability to insure understanding of the technologies and their potential ability to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their efforts on a daily basis. I will point out technologies and, can assist with their implementation.

I will share my experience and insights with you, but in the spirit of informed consent, I insist that the final decision be yours and do not except liability for those decisions when made.

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A.B. Harvard College M.D. Howard University College of Medicine Intern & Residency DC General Hospital Former U.S. Council on Graduate Medical Education Councillor Former CMO LA County Department of Health Former Principal Wellspring Partners Consulting Medical Director Arthur Anderson Healthcare practices Life Member, American College of Physician Executives Former Co-chair District of Columbia EMS Avisory Board Field Engineering Division IBM


I have four interlocking areas of expertise that amplify each other: Clinical Practice, Teaching, Information Technology and Physician Relationship Engineering.

I have had 17+ years of hands-on patient care experience in some of the largest Emergency-Trauma complexes in the country. During that time, as a clinician, I have done single through quintuple coverage, handling patients with the gravest injuries as well as specialized problems related to transplantation, burn follow up, heart surgery and limb reimplantation. I have functioned as hospitalist, intensivist, base station controller, EMS Medical Director, disaster control and incident commander.

As a teacher, I have participated in activities ranging from one on one tutorials to the policy advisory level in the US Government. In numerous situations it has been necessary to individually coach managers in their pursuit of excellence, whether they be Executives or subordinate managers. Medical Administrative Management is still incubating, and as such the quality available is often more willing than able. Undergraduate and Graduate Medical Education each provide their own varieties of difficulty, particularly when skepticism is afoot. In most of my consultations, the skepticism, whether inate or generated, is a real component of the engagement. I have been Clinical Faculty for Nurse Practitioner and EMS/Paramedic Programs and the Medical Director for a Physician’s Assistant Program. I was responsible for development of the Affilitation agreements between the LA County Health Department and the UCLA, USC Charles Drew Scholls of Medicine worth in excess of $200 Million collectively. And, I have helped to form U.S. Medical Education Policy advice while serving as a Councillor on the Council of Graduate Medical Education (COGME).

Prior to attending Medical School, I spent time as a Hardware and software engineer for the Field Engineering Division of IBM. I have maintained a working familiarity with the PC Platform and main stream IT applications relevant to the Healthcare environment. Our Company, Mentat Systems, represents several “genre noveau” utilities designed to advance the efficiency, effectiveness, quality and/or safety of clinical care delivery. In addition I have had responsibility for an $80 Million data, fostered develpment of a County IT thinktank and instituted numerous systemwide implementations. I have spearheaded clinical IT initiatives including CPOE and portal projects.

The management postitions that I have held have spanned the interval from Chief of Service and Medical Director of a 85k visit ED and Trauma Center to CMO and Associate Director of a 24,000 person county health department, where I was responsible for operational activities of more than 15,000 clinical providers in 12 major facilities, and 114 clinics, delivering care to a population of 10 mllion spread over 4,000 square miles. I have coached senior clinicians, managed groups and oganizations of groups, and served as the interim while restructuring positions.

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