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Live the Light (readings_with_nicole)

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A very popular question that clients often ask is: “Will I reconnect with my former partner?”

In some cases I see a very clear reconciliation, but at times I do not.

At times like this it very important for the client to search his or her own heart through prayer (making your requests known to God) & meditation (quiet time where you are silent & allow God to answer your prayers)

Here is why:

All relationships end for a reason, and it is important to understand what caused the split so that we can learn and grow from it.

What was the lesson in the relationship?

What did your former partner teach you?

Also, begin to ask yourself…what would a reconciliation do for me? How would I feel?

You see, happiness is not dependent on another person, but on you and the choices you make each day.

Finally, look to the actions and behavior of your former partner:

Are they communicating with you now?

Have they told you that they want to get back together?

Have they changed the behavior that caused the split in the first place?

I say this because action is everything.

We can care for someone, but our action shows if we are willing to commit to them by being there, showing up, and letting them know they count.

If you are inquiring about someone who is not doing those things ask yourself why?

Do you have a pattern of loving partners who are emotionally unavailable to you?

Do you find yourself constantly trying to win love or approval?

If so, getting back into the relationship is not necessary.

Releasing the pattern of people pleasing is.

Whatever your past, what ever your story…

You are worthy of love & when someone truly loves and wants you, you don’t have to convince them, chase them, or spend your nights praying that they come back.

If you know that the relationship is real, let it go and it will come back.

It is when we do not believe it is real that we start to question, over think, and worry.

Remember the quote; “Love is patience,love is kind…”

We must try that.

What we send out always comes back.

There is great love for you now & always!


over 6 years ago

Very True! :)

over 6 years ago
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Estanislao Garza (chiefnitehawk63)

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Thank you for verifing, comfirming what my experience has been. Many times I wanted to get back with my ex’s than I question why should I. then I want to start a new relationship then I ask myself why.

over 6 years ago

Postive mnd Estanislao! Of course if we always think the negative we reap the negative in relationships. I think some times we’re so used to the negative version of relationships we have to push through to the positive ones and realise the change has to come from within first. Easy to say it is other people all the time. We just have to realise a big part of it is our own responsibility to find love and happiness.

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Psychic Vicci (psychicvicci)

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very nice post from Nicole