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June 2012 Horoscopes - Sagittarius to Pisces

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June 2012 Horoscopes – Sagittarius to Pisces

By Melodie http://psychic.bitwine.com/users/38919-melodie

Sagittarius: The month is ripe with opportunities for you in the relationship department. In fact almost everything that happens for you astrologically this month happens in your relationship sectors. For starters, the Sun, Venus and Mercury are all moving through your relationship house. The full Moon (and partial lunar eclipse) moves into your first house on the 4th, activating all of those planets. On the 5th, Venus makes a rare conjunction to the Sun, crossing its face in a once in a lifetime transit. Because Venus is also retrograde, and because this aspect takes place in your relationship sector, you can expect long-standing relationship issues to take center stage. Ask yourself “what do I need to release now in order to make room for something new?” And “where do I see my current relationship heading in the future?” You’ll want to answer these questions and set your conclusions in motion between the time Jupiter enters your relationship house on the 11th and Venus turns direct in that house on the 27th.

Moon in Sagittarius: June 3rd, 4th, 5th and 30th.

Capricorn: You’ve got your work cut out for you this month, particularly in the professional arena. With three of the slower moving planets all emphasizing this same theme for you now, this has been a long-standing area of focus. Your ruler (Saturn) has been moving through your career sector for the last several months. Pluto is also still moving through Capricorn and Mars is still moving through Virgo. Additionally, you’ll have five planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter) all transiting your work sector at various points during the month. What this means for you is an extraordinary amount of discipline, resourcefulness and work ethic throughout the majority of the month. If it feels like you’re taking one step forward and two steps back, that’s because two of those planets (Saturn and Venus) have been retrograde. But that all starts to change this month when both of them turn direct – on the 25th for Saturn and 27th for Venus. Don’t lose focus: your efforts will start paying off again after that time.

Moon in Capricorn: June 5h, 6th and 7th.

Aquarius: You might have to take a good long look in the mirror this month and ask yourself if you’re seeing yourself as others do. With five planets moving through your house of creative self-expression, you’re probably going through a bit of a personal renaissance. This is almost always a good thing for Aquarius – put it’s not without challenges this time. Pluto and Uranus (your ruler) are in hard aspect for most of the month. Due to their respective house placements, this can manifest as an inability to see yourself clearly, or to understand how the changes you’re undergoing can impact on others. It all comes to a head on the 11th, when Mercury joins in and activates a t-square. Ask yourself if these conflicts are true professional jealousies or if they might somehow be warranted. You can certainly reinvent yourself under this transit, as long as the “new and improved” you is aligned with the expectations of others. If not there could be more unnecessary conflicts, particularly around the 24th.

Moon in Aquarius: June 7th, 8th and 9th.

Pisces: You’re more likely to be keeping the home fires burning this month than you are venturing out into the social sector. With 6 planets (and 7 when you count the Moon) below the horizon this month, you’re going to be more content spending time with family and loved ones than you have been in recent months. It may be that you’ve become disillusioned with “what’s out there” and are choosing to stick with those who’ve proven themselves worthy of your trust. Neptune (your ruler) is in your sign but your relationship ruler will be debilitated after the 11th. This can serve to widen the gap between you and a relationship partner by emphasizing your natural differences. If you’re smart though, you’ll see it as an opportunity to step outside of your ego and see things from another’s perspective. Yes, it’s possible that you’ll have your hopes dashed before it’s over. But don’t’ let your disappointments get the best of you though; these placements encourage you be more accepting and forgiving.

Moon in Pisces: June 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th.