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Will she/he come back

over 2 years ago

Often we ask this question in our lives. We lose someone we care about very deeply. We regret the things we’ve said and done, and we wish we could go back and change things. Well whether or not someone comes back into our lives, first we do have to love ourselves unconditionally, forgive ourselves, and nurture ourselves back to health. The most important questions is, whether they come back into your life or not, can you love yourself enough to let go and detach for a moment. Is your self worth based on whether this person stays in your life? Can you live with or with out them? Whether they are in your life or not, you have to make a choice to be happy, and filled with joy. You have to find yourself beautiful, and worthy. If you can’t see yourself this way, you are only reflecting the negative self image you have on any other person that is around you in the moment. Even your potential partner. Fortunately you and the person in front of you is like a mirror. You are reflecting similar emotions, feelings, behaviors. For example you may point out all the mistakes, the things that irritate you, or get annoyed with in the other person. It is easy to blame someone else for the way you feel. It is easy to blame someone else for your emotions. Who is in control of them? You are, and the only person responsible for your state of mind in the moment is you. Emotions, feelings, perceptions, beliefs, thoughts whether they are negative or positive, you create solely by yourself. No one else is responsible for them. You own them, and no one can change your life or relationships but you. It is the same answer for your partner or any one else that is standing in front of you. If your partner withdraws you withdraw. If you are happy, your partner is happy. If your sad, most likely they are sad. It’s kind of like monkey see, monkey do. You’re watching and observing, and sharing thoughts, and feelings, moving through negative or positive emotions. So it is up to you to decide what direction you want to take your relationship, and whether you want it to be a positive one. Every word you use has negative or positive power and affects another person. Every negative or positive behavior affects another person. Your example matters to every person around you. We are all connected, and we are all affected by the way we act towards one another. We are all surrounded by negativity in this world, and always surrounded by negative people, media, music, art, writing, etc. This is nothing new. Of course we all need to step up and walk in a positive direction leaving the past issues, and the pain/suffering behind. When we’ve detached from that, as well as materialism, and money we will become very rich and blessed in our hearts. Our hearts can be filled with poverty just because we have no love to give. For one moment think about this when you nag at someone, bitch at them, always use negative comments, sarcasm, focusing only on the negative outcomes, and results. Why aren’t your relationships working? Because you’re in the negative zone always focused on the negative. So somehow you have to figure out how to live in the positive zone with words, actions, beliefs, and thoughts, and leave the negativity behind.