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Standing In The Spot Light

over 2 years ago

If you can imagine a spot light coming from heaven following you where ever you go on earth this is when you are being your best self. This is where you are being a supportive partner, daughter, wife, sister, brother, son, father, or friend. When you are kind hearted filled with compassion and empathy for other people. This is when you are loving towards others whether they are being harmful or hurtful to you or others. In the spot light you speak calmly without fear or intimidation. You have a positive mind, seeing the best in others and believing in their best selves at all times.

When you step out of the light you can guarantee you’re in the darkness. You are insulting, intimidating, controlling, manipulating, hurtful, angry, frustrated, and attack others for every short coming and fault. You use violence some times to get your way. Maybe even use drugs, alcohol, gambling, pornography, or other means of substance abuse, or addictions. This is your worst self.

When you have one foot in the spot light and one foot in the darkness you are going back and forth between polarities. You are in confusion, doubt, fear, and may not make the best choices or desicions. You haven’t quite figured out how to speak calmly, get caught in other people’s insults, and arguments. You are balanced some times, and other times you are off balance trying to master your life lessons in communicating verbally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

When you have conquored the lessons in life you are balanced and a whole person. You have no need to step out of the light into the darkness. You have no need to argue. You have no need to be harmful to yourself or others. You are loving towards yourself, animals, plant life, and the earthly environment that surrounds you. You don’t need to kill anything whether it’s someone emotionally, or take it out on any living breathing thing.

When you learn to conquor your own life lessons and can walk in your spot light all the time alone without depending on anyone else you are independent and free of the past, letting go of it, and understanding it has no place in the present moment. You have no need to bring it up. You have no need to use it against another human being. If we look at this for a moment as a wound on our flesh it heals over time. When someone comes along and brings the past up it is like them taking a scalpel on your flesh, and cutting it open exposing the wound again so it will not stay shut. Or if it is in the process of healing peeling off the scab so it will never continue to heal. Fortunately we do this a lot in our society and wonder why know one is getting better or healed. We fail to see all the positive things a person is doing trying to make the changes in their lives, and it takes time, patience, understanding and empathy. If you don’t have the patience or any of the above these are the lessons you need to learn and achieve. Not only with others but with yourself as well. When you feel someone else needs to change, this is when it is you that needs to change. It is when you need to take a good look in the mirror understanding you’re in the same place as them. There is no blaming or excuses you have both co-created the scenario together to learn certain lessons and mirroring each other. You may be at the opposite ends of the spectrum and have two different life styles, but you have to learn to live with the differences and understand you’re both right. You’re both wrong. You have to be team players and discuss what the positive solutions are, and not be stubborn and just have you’re own way all the time.

It may take some time to stand in the spot light at all times, but one moment at a time, one second at a time we do reach that place. It is a lot of work, and fortunately without doing the work or changing ourselves we will never see the results we want to in life.

Love is not negative. It is not hurtful or harmful to others. It always has everyone’s best interest in mind. It will always seek out positive and up lifting solutions. The whole key is getting yourself in this spot light at all times, and when you have achieved this there will be others in alignment with you that are healthier relationships whether they are friend’s or your partner. You have the appropriate people surrounding your life, and the job that is appropriate for you. You are doing what is appropriate for you and letting go of all the things that are not appropriate for you anymore. You are always becoming your best self.

Evaluating whether you’re in this spot light from heaven every day you can see and monitor your progress and see what you need to work on. It may take some time, and if you have patience with yourself than you will have patience for others. If you have empathy for yourself than you will for others. If you have forgiveness for yourself you will have it for others. When you can love you and be your best self, than you allow others to do the same.

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over 2 years ago

This is some very succinctly written spiritual truth.. Going to check out the blog now :). Thank you for sharing!

over 2 years ago

Thank you Rainbow glad that you liked it! :)