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Encouragement in Dark Times

over 5 years ago
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Commentary on the 5 of Swords card in the Tarot Deck.

Dearest Friend,

You’ll usually get this card when you feel stabbed in the heart, or beaten down so bad you can’t breathe, so psychologically and emotionally shattered that you can’t move or think your way out of a depression.

Remember this: the 5 swords on the card that make up the pentacles of a hex are white so they can disappear if you hold them up to the light of the sun. That’s how you beat out a so-called hex – shining your inner light on the darkness, constantly. Relentlessly.

Visualize your pain as the 5 WHITE crossed swords on the card – symbolized by the bee stinging you in the middle. Doesn’t the pain of a hex feel this way? Like you’ve been stung by a bee and can’t get the venum out?

See the 5 swords crossing in the inescapable heavy deeply negative feeling – that stabs you in the heart, the mind, the muscles, your appetite—face your pain. Then take the whole package and place it [though in your mind] directly in front and center of the sun [visualized], the real sun that shines and watch them simply disappear.

The light and heat will melt the swords away and so your pain and the hex also. If you can’t imagine it in your mind, glance at the sun (don’t look directly at the sun – only a second for reference) and do it as many times as as long as it takes to liberate your spirit. Think: You’re merely walking through a temporary storm and all storms clear away sooner or later (if you’ve walked through the storm properly) to a rainbow with a pot of gold at the end!

If you want guidance on how to do this meditation, or think you’re under a hex, or want to apply this to a particular imprisoning situation in your life – chat me up!

Peace and Blessings, Angel of Lights