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why wont he just leave me alone

over 5 years ago

my ex has chosen a woman over our 15 mth old son and our unborn baby, i walked out on him 11 weeks ago, he has only known this woman for 6 weeks!!!!, im happy for his new relationship but i cant understand why he dosnt want his sons in his life?, and every week he will ring about for times early hours in the morning i never answer im letting him get on with his life, and he still has my clothes and kids stuff he hasnt removed them? even though i have told him we dont want them, please any answers would be very gratefull xx

over 5 years ago
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jessie periard (jessperiard)

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hi katrina the reason why he is trying to contact you in the early mornings is because he still has feelings for you and he regrets what he has done i do see that you are happy for him with his new relationship and you want to move on with your life and i do feel that it is really stressing that he is doing this to you it will take time for him to realize that you want him to move on with who he is with now i hope this helps you out if you have anymore questions please feel free to live chat with me of email me god bless