BitWine Affiliate Program Overview

Becoming a Bitwine affiliate involves three simple steps:

1. Register as an Affiliate

Joining the BitWine Affiliate Network is fast and easy! Complete a 1-page registration and select a financial account for us to send your affiliate payments to.

2. Create Widgets

After registering as an affiliate, you will be able to create BitWine Widgets and insert them into the appropriate pages on your website. Each Widget will display BitWine advisors who have expertise directly related to the content of the page you have inserted it into.

Widget highlights:

  • Opens a window within your page in order to keep your visitors on your website
  • The window shows a list of advisors that match specific keywords you specify when you create the Widget
  • From the Widget window, a user can either call an advisor (giving you a percentage of the fees from that call) or become an advisor themselves (giving you a percentage of that advisor’s future fees)

Note: Advance users may also use our Application Programming Interface in addition to the standard widgets.

3. Generate revenues

For each new paying client you bring, BitWine will give you $50 credit! Click here for a detailed description of our Referral Program. The earlier you insert the BitWine Widgets on your site, the greater number of revenue-generating registrations you will have!

Widget Integration

The Widget is basically a few lines of code that can be easily inserted into almost any web page.

When you join the BitWine Affiliation Program, we will guide you through the process of customizing your Widget and generating the code you will need to embed in your web pages. This process is very simple and in most cases does not require the assistance of a web master.

A typical user experience with a Widget

The visitor initially sees the Domain Widget (in this sample “Live Travel Advice”). Clicking on the Widget opens a window that displays advisors relevant to the page this Widget is on. With another click, the visitor goes to the advisor’s profile page where it can begin a call to the advisor.

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