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About this service

Here you can find skilled professionals in various areas such as Technology, Nutrition, Travel, Relationship, Parenting etc, get to know them in an informal setting, and enjoy their consultation from the comfort of your home.

What makes a meeting with an Online Advisor different from an in-person consultation?

In an online session, you still receive the same level of service as you would from an in-person appointment, but you benefit from being able to meet when it is most convenient for you. In addition, if you are not completely satisfied with the advisor you have chosen, it is very easy to initiate contact with another advisor who may be able to better serve you. And since you are not limited to professionals in your local areas, your chances of finding the best match for you are higher.

What kind of service can I get from an Online Advisor?

Our advisors offer helpful and practical solutions, in many areas such as Technology, Health, Relationship, Travel and many more. You can see all categories by clicking the Browse Categories button on upper section of each page on the site.

How do I find an Advisor?

You can either look for advisors in a specific category by clicking the Browse categories button or search for an advisor with certain keywords using the search box on the top section of every page. For example if you need help with your personal computer you can type “computer support” in the search box and click “GO”.

As a result of the search or the category browsing you will see a list of advisors that match your criteria. You can click on each advisor to view his or her full profile, service description, rating and reviews left by other clients. Then choose the one that best fits your needs.

How do I contact the Advisor?

There are two buttons on the right side of the advisors’ profile page: “Chat with Me” and “Leave a Message”. If the advisor is online you can start a live chat with him immediately by clicking the “Chat with Me” button. There is no charge for starting a live chat with an advisor.

If the advisor is offline or away from his or her desk, and did not answer your chat then you can leave him a message by clicking the “Leave a Message” button. The advisor will get back to you to schedule a time to talk/chat. You will get advisor’s reply in your regular email.

Can I use a regular phone to talk with my Advisor?

While you are chatting with the advisor (via Instant Messaging), the advisor may offer you to switch to a free voice conversation over a regular phone. You will see an invitation to switch to a phone conversation in the chat box, and when you click on it you will be requested to fill in your phone number. After that, your phone will ring and you will be able to continue your consultation over the phone. Your phone number will remain confidential – the advisor will not see your phone number.

Do not disconnect your chat session while talking over the phone! It is still usable and required to stay connected while you are conversing with your advisor.

Note – you cannot initiate a phone call by yourself. Ask your advisor to do so.

How can I use my computer to talk and see my Advisor?

In order to have an audio and video session with your advisor, you will have to install the Skype software on your computer which you can download here, and to make sure you have at least a microphone and speakers connected to your computer. If you would like that the advisor will see you, then you will also need a webcam. If the advisor has a webcam, you will be able to see him.

When you are all set, the advisor may invite you to a free voice/video conversation over Skype, which will result in an invitation message in your chat box. Once you click the invitation, a Skype call will be initiated between you and the advisor.

Do not disconnect your chat session while talking over Skype! It is still useable and required to stay connected while you are conversing with your advisor.

Note – you cannot initiate a Skype call by yourself. Ask your advisor to do so.

Is the service free?

An initial introduction with the advisor is free. Its purpose is for you to make sure the advisor is indeed a qualified professional who fits your needs. Following the introductory phase, the advisor may require payment for continuing the session. Each advisor sets its own rate. Advisor may charge a fixed rate for your desired task, or may charge a per-minute rate. You will never be charged without your explicit permission.

How do I pay my Advisor?

After an introductory phase with the advisor whose main purpose is to build your confidence with the advisor and to make sure that he has the knowledge to help you, the advisor may ask you to pay in order to continue. A message with a payment request will appear in your chat box. If you agree to pay for the service, click on the payment request message. You will be taken to a payment screen where you can pay with your Paypal™ account. If you want to pay via a credit card and do not have a PayPal account, do not worry – you can create a PayPal account immediately from the payment page, and it will use your credit card to pay the advisor. It is not allowed to pay the advisor in any other way other than through the system (such as sending money directly via PayPal, sending check or cash, etc).

After you pay, the advisor will get a notification that you have paid and you may continue your session.

Click here for a detailed look of the payment process

How do I leave a review to my Advisor?

At the end of the session, you will be asked to review your advisor. Leaving a review is very important for the advisor and for the community. It builds the advisor’s reputation, and it helps future clients make educated decisions when choosing their advisors.

Can I change the review I left?

If you are a registered user, you have a 2 weeks period where you can go back and edit the review you have left for an advisor (or to add one if you have not done so originally). Simply log into your account, go to the Office tab and choose the “History” sub-tab. Find the relevant conversation from the list. You will see the review you left under the conversation line and an “edit” link next to it. If you have not left any review, you will see a link to add a review.

How can I become an Advisor?

People with expertise or talent in any field can sign up as advisors. Becoming an Advisor is easy and free. Click the Join Now tab and choose “Join as an Advisor” to become an Online Advisor today!

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