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Need GIFT IDEAS? Want to give the most EXCITING and SPECIAL gift ever? Get your loved one a Psychic Numerology reading with Psychic Mandarava!!

Holiday Specials!! 30min 4 $50 60min 4 $107 120min 4 $222!! With every gift purchase you receive 50% off your next reading! What could be better?

I am a psychic numerologist – I give accurate, powerful, and insightful psychic readings!

I offer:

- psychic numerology readings on life path, career, love, business & more…

- individual coaching on the science and application of numerology

- sacred letter writing to manifest your highest good

- law of attraction coaching

Let me give you the help and direction you need! I truly want the best for you and will tell it like it is! If you want real answers call me now!

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M-F 9pm – 3am PT

Appointments for all days available

Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Music, Studies with Rama, Amma, Paramahamsa Nithyananda

Founder – Geo-Docking Method for Numerology™

please note: I do not take "unregistered" calls


I’ve read for world famous personalities – including world famous psychics! I give readings with amazing accuracy! I come from a long line of INTENSE psychics from what used to be called Belorussia. These men and women were brilliant seers from Minsk and Grodno who made their way to the US. I am humbled by their achievements and tenacity and I do my part to keep the psychic tradition pure & strong.

I use Numbers as a scientific map to a soul. Numbers are a science, a vibration, a frequency that is the essence of truth in this matrix. With your birthdate we can get to the truth in any situation! Is he the one? Should you move? When will your finances improve? What should you do with your life??

Many times I uncover hidden talents that you sensed you had but just needed the validation to recognize and utilize – like in this Testimonial from Jess C.:

"Mandarava’s reading was eerily accurate and is presently useful in guiding my life. She identified some gifts within me that I recognized when she described them, but until she brought them to light, I was only vaguely aware they existed…A reading from Mandarava can change a life for the better."

I LOVE helping people and I truly want the best for my clients!!I can get at hidden motivations that you know deep inside but are somehow blocked from seeing. I often read for other psychics like Allie -

Testimonial from Allie B:

"I just wanted to say I got a reading from Mandarava and let me tell you, it was the best and most honest reading I have ever had. Being a psychic medium myself there are just some things this wonderful woman can do that most can’t. Thank you so much for my reading."

I want to help you too! Call me now and get the answers you seek and more!

Check out my political numerology on The Bigger Picture w/ Timothy Spangler – stuff I mentioned Sunday 7/23/17 went down the following week! Listen here (my numerology summary begins at 1:02:19):

Also – 8/27/17 (my numerology analysis begins 1:19:00):

& 9/25/17@46:00,

**Please note: every time you get a reading, you are shifting. That’s why getting too many readings can literally make you crazy. So when you get a reading: focus, listen, and then take the next right step. I will always lead you back to your heart.

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13 Dec 2017 Exzellente Bewertung julee

Great reading and advice.....thankyou so much my angel xx

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12 Dec 2017 Exzellente Bewertung d135791

Good reading

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10 Dec 2017 Exzellente Bewertung lissal13

This woman is amazing!! I had to come back for more! A+++++++

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09 Dec 2017 Exzellente Bewertung lissal13

Connected very well.. very understanding and down to earth!! Thank you so much for your help and I will definitely be back to talk to you again.

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09 Dec 2017 Exzellente Bewertung jtothep323

wow... what a nice lady.. I cried entire time talking to her.. but she gave me the tool .. i'm going to go get it now.. thanks

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