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ღ Psychic Medium George ღ

♥ Love * Breakups * Relationships * Family * Finances * Career ⏳ Past and Future lives


He is always calm and caring. Very fast connected. What the angels told him was all true, without me telling him anything other than my name and dob. Thanks, George :)

I’m Experienced Psychic, Medium, Certified Angel Therapist, Reiki Master, and Shamanic Healer.

With the help of the Angels, I’m here to guide you through those questions that leave your mind in turmoil and full of self-doubt.

I will send you any Archangel after our session, just ask me, it’s free. You will feel the difference in a few minutes.

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I loved a spiritual workshop with James Van Praagh in Costa Rica this year in February and planning another mediumship course in Arthur Findlay college in the UK.



Shamanic Healer





Pet & Plant Psychic



Certified Angel healer/therapist/intuitive

Auric Cleansing/Karma removal

Oracle Card Reader

Certified Reiki Master

Certified Angelic Life Coach

Remote Viewer

My third eye is fully open now and I can see different spiritual beings like spirits, archangels, guardian angels, spiritual guides, gnomes and fairies in the forest, low spirits, alien spaceships, etc.

-Entity removal and clearing -30 min/$40

★Full Spiritual Cleanse $100 (Includes Chakras, Aura, and Cutting Cords)

★Full Chakra Balancing $70

★Full Aura Cleansing $50

★Cutting Cords Cleanse $60

★14 Day Angel Healing & Protection $70

Let me help you to feel better!


I’m certified Angel Therapist by Doreen Virtue.

I’m Certified Angelic Life Coach by Charles Virtue

*I’m certified Reiki Master by Lisa Powers. I will be able to send you distance healing, also for your pets and plants.

I’m using Archangel Gabriel Oracle cards and Angel Tarot cards for my readings as an extra tool and support from angels. My guardian angel is Archangel Gabriel and he will be doing a reading for you.

Over the last 16 years, I’ve worked with clients face to face, on the online chat and over phone lines worldwide.

I’m pleased to help you with these life’s areas:

Love and Relationships





Spiritual and Personal Development

The Past and Future life readings

Twin Flames/Soulmates

Dream interpretation

I offer guidance and psychic advice when you need it most. My abilities help to connect with guardian angels and spirit guides to give clear & accurate info. I treat every client as a friend and treat their issues as they are my own.

Please contact me today!

LGBT friendly, I respect every person.

Terms and conditions:

-Chat disconnection is due to technical problems, pls call me back.

-No Free Readings are given AT ALL so please do not ask.

No Refunds. I will know if we connect or not within the first Free 3 minutes.

Payment is for my time only and does not represent a guarantee of any outcome

-Please remember that although time frames are given and most are accurate, only there is no guarantee.

-Registered only it takes the only moment and it’s free.

-Please note I’m unable to cover health/pregnancy/legal questions.

-Readings are for entertainment only.

-Special offers must be requested before charging starts.

These are my prepaid packages, time may be

split between the sessions:

10 minutes for $35

20 minutes for $65

30 minutes for $75

40 minutes for $90

50 minutes for $125

60 minutes for $150

100 minutes for $200

200 minutes for $400

300 minutes for $600

1000 minutes for $1000-best value

Choose a package and let’s get started.

Clear energy cords, cords of attachment, toxic cords, negative cords and past life karmic ties-60 minutes session for $60.

I’m looking forward to your call!

Love and Light xx

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