BitWine Affiliate Netzwerk

Have a Website? Get BitWine!

The BitWine Affiliate Network is your opportunity to provide your website visitors with easy access to relevant, expert advisors, while earning yourself a percentage of the fees collected by the advisors promoted on your site.

Joining the BitWine Affiliate Network is fast and easy! Complete a 1-page registration, select an account for us to send your affiliate payments to, and then create the BitWine affiliate widgets to put on your website. These widgets will promote BitWine Advisors who have expertise directly related to the content of your website, ensuring that they are always interesting and relevant to your visitors.

Highlights des Affiliate-Programms:

  • Receive up to 50% of the commissions collected by BitWine for calls originating from your website.
  • Earn passive, long-term revenue from Advisors and Clients who join BitWine through your website.
  • Erhöhen Sie den Anteil wiederkehrender Besucher auf Ihrer Site.
  • Fügen Sie Ihren Seiten Live-Inhalte hinzu.
  • Verfielfachen Sie den Informationsgehalt Ihrer Site.
  • Stärken Sie Ihre Umsätze ohne Risiko.
  • Es ist kostenlos!

Erfahren Sie mehr über unser Beteiligungsmodell und Integration von Widgets.
Erfahren Sie mehr über die Bedingungen und Konditionen des Affiliate Programms

Being a BitWine Affiliate is free, adds value to your website, and adds weight to your pocketbook. So what are you waiting for?