I love to paint, scrapbook, quill and do quilting and I would love to answer your questions. I attended tole painting classes for 3 years. I love to buy old furniture at garage sales and spruce it up. I learned to quill about 15 years ago and love to quill my own designs to decorate my scrapbooking pages.

I am also a grandmother and if you have any questions regarding your children or their problems, I would be happy to help.

I have been a customer service representative for 13 years and am now a trainer. If you have any customer service problems, I’d be happy to help.

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I attended tole painting lessons for 3 years. I have also taken quilting lessons.

I have been a customer service representative for over 13 years and a trainer for 9 years.


I do crafts almost constantly and when I am not working on crafts, I watch others do them on tv.

Being a gramdmother, i do have experience raising children.

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