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I have been so blessed in my life to have the gifts that I have and I believe those gifts should be shared with others to help them attain true happiness and contentment in their lives. I love to share my gifts and I get such joy in seeing how people’s lives can be transformed. I love to hear clients tell me how much their lives have changed in such a positive way that they never thought possible. Once they obtain true knowledge & find the enlighten pathway in their lives, such a spiritual awakening can take place. Their destinies become so clear to them and they can feel more confident in doing great things in their lives. A true enlightenment and renewal takes place. That passion and zeal for life can make one look forward to each day with excitement and energy like they have never had before. I would love to help you find insight & enlightenment in your life, and begin experiencing a true transformation.

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25 Aug 2017 unsatisfactory ranking peaceculture

oh i hate leaving reviews like this but i am not rich and she ended the chat told me i would get refunded and took my money. It was her or his suggestion to refund me and it never happened. Please see my transcript below. peaceculture we have known each other for a long time. no we are not in a relationship. you don't see that. 08:02PM Psychic Paula im just goi ng to give u a refund 08:02PM peaceculture i am very confused now. i would like a refund yes thank you this is bad. i was seeking clarity and now i am out money that i could use. i am hurt by her actions. it was not nice and a bit rude. I can send share the trnscript if i must to prove i am being honest. please mam where is my refund. you ended the chat and took my money. you didn't even give me a reading. please i am not rich i beg for my money back.

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23 Aug 2017 unsatisfactory ranking love2222

Will change will refund is sent. No connection at all

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05 Mar 2017 unsatisfactory ranking valita186

I'm so sorry but too generic and she tried to end the conversation fast. I read what I wanted to read. It it was too good to be true, besides it didn't feel like a psychic she felt more like a friend giving advice. Thanks for trying but I didn't like it. Also. Ends up ending the conversation if I had some work done? I hate when psychics bring the spells bs stuff

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