Rachel Haddad

Spiritual balance is true Harmony 34 Years exp.


Feeling off track? Stressed out? Confused? Lost?

Who?...What?...Where?...why?...When?...How? Do you ask yourself these questions on a Daily basis?

What You should be asking Yourself is Are You truly balanced?

Spiritual balance is the key to true Harmony.

Under so much stress that it becomes difficult to deal with even the smallest situation?

Well, Just a little awareness goes a long way.

Simply knowing if you should avoid or proceed with any situation (love, Investments, Career, etc.)can make all the difference in Your life.

I’m to the point, I do not sugarcoat things…...

I will say it like it is! Please don’t get Me wrong, I’m not harsh/rude in any way. The truth good or bad helps You to understand things better.

I prefer Your initial reading you keep any Questions for the end. I don’t want you to feel as if you fed Me any info. Just an area will do. A true psychic does not need to ask questions. All I need is Your Name & DOB

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

I have devoted My entire life to helping others.

I have been reading/Counseling for 34 years.

I ‘am both city & State Licensed in Fallon Nevada.

I specialize in Love & relationships

I offer:

Psychic Readings, Tarot Readings

An assortment of Energy work (Creates balance, peace of mind, rids stress )

An energy boost is Me feeding you positive energy for 1 week (7 nights)

it flushes out any negative energy you may be carrying.its a form of meditation but stronger because I’m Psychic.

like a B12 shot! a sudden boost of good energy!

Energy does affect all areas of our life, sleeping, eating, thinking, attitude, stress, decision making and so on…...

So,if you are fed positive you will feel positive!

Distance is not an issue. I have clients from many different States and Countries. Energy is Energy.


I have been reading/counseling professionally for 34 years.(licensed)

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