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Professional astrologer of 30 years experience will advise you in all of your questions using a combination of classical, traditional and modern psychological astrological techniques.

I am not a psychic, a medium, or a spiritualist. I am a technician of the sacred and view astrology as a spiritual science of cycles and timing. I read and interpret these patterns of fate to advise you on the probability of outcomes in areas of love, work, etc.

We are not passive victims of fate, so based on the information we uncover, I will assist those seeking help with transformative alchemical exercises and magical talisman creation. Talismans have been used for centuries to strengthen the effects of beneficent planets and their transits and lessen the effects of maleficent planets and their transits. If requested, I can advise you in the creation of these simple and inexpensive tools of conscious synchronicity.

Birth date, time, & place will give the best reading, but I can work with birth date alone.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Masters level psychotherapist and MBA. Studied under several well-known traditional and modern astrologers. Member of the Alchemy Guild and several Hermetic Societies.


I have 30 years of experience in the study and professional practice of astrology. I have done countless natal, horary, electional, and synastry charts. I have advised business clients, used astrology in my psychotherapy private practice, and have taught the use and creation of alchemical & magical tools.

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