Need answers...Tired of things not working out...I do not sugar coat or give false hopes


When you have a reading with me I look at all aspects of your path ahead what you I will provide solid clear answers for the events that show for you in the coming weeks. What you do with what I give you is entirely up to you as everything is choice. I give you information as it comes to me and will guide you to what you need to know providing quality insights and spiritual advise. Although i use Tarot and Numerology I also have the ability. channel information directly from Spirit. How you use this information is entirely your choice however I am only the messenger of the information that will help you make the most of life for you to walk your path the way you choose to as NOTHING is written in stone like you may have been lead to believe. I will also help you to steer away from the drama and conflict that will only lead to emotional hurts. Always remember what another thinks of us is not really our business and what we think of them is not theirs. I will direct you to the best life results

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Qualified Numerologist and Skillful Tarot Reader and hold NZ Diploma in Counseling and Master Reiki Healer. I have been working with people for more than 2 decades.


I have had more than 2 decades of experience reading and counselling people on their path. I have studied Numerology and Tarot and have a diploma in Counselling. Reading for people from all walks of life and having many life changing experiences myself I have learned that we are all unique in how we deal with situations and I endeavor in my reading to tune to you individually without putting my own belief structures upon you. When coming to be for a reading please be open with your questions as this will give you the best more precise and accurate answers. A half asked question can confuse you more in the answer given. The free introductory minutes are enough for me to tune in and start your reading from there I only continue in hire.

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