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Feeling confused? Do you need clarity about your lovelife, finances, career? What’s he feeling? Is he compatible? Are you at a crossroads in your life? Past Life Healing. Compassionate, understanding.

After having a psychic reading with me you will have clarity to make the decisions you want to make in your life.

HEART-CENTRED honest,caring readings. Spiritual Counsellor. Psychic readings. Past Life Healing. Law of Attraction focused.

Hi,Im Kate,welcome to my page at Bitwine.

If you are looking for reassurance, Im here as a compassionate listening ear, but if you want to ask me to tune in psychically then please be open to whatever may come through.

My readings are based on us having free will. At any given moment we have the power and choice to change the direction of our lives.

My readings are based on the energy present right now in your life, and if you continue on the same path.

Law of Attraction focused.

Soul Healing, Property Clearing, Karmic Relationships.

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CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Diploma in tarot. Studied theory of mediumship for understanding of spirit. Creator of Completion Method.Teachers Certificate from Abundance of Light. Certificate in Emotional Freedom Technique(EFT) Certified Advanced Soul Realignment practitioner.

I have been working professionally as a psychic medium for 4 years full time now. I have dabbled for 20 years.


I am offering one past life reading that is still affecting you today and will heal that through spiritual healing.

Do you want to know your Soul’s highest path and purpose?

Do you feel like you have one foot on the accelerator and one foot on the break?

Have you tried every healing modality available and still you can’t seem to move on?

Does your house feel like it drags your mood down when you walk into it?

I am a certified Advaned Soul Realignment practioner. Soul Realignment is a soul reading and spiritual healing.

After a Soul Realignment reading you will have an understanding about your Soul and how you came to be who you are today. After the clearing you will feel lighter and freer than you have in years.

You will find out how your personality is shaped through the Soul’s gifts and characteristics.

Energetic blocks and restrictions will be removed that get in the way of you embracing your higher path and purpose. Soul level blocks can also be the root cause of alot of issues you may be experiencing in your life today.

Obstacles that might be hindering you: vows, curses, spells, entity attachments from this lifetime or past lives, bindings, contracts, earthbound spirits, implants, portalways, negatively charged objects, ghosts, poltergeists and more.

Your Akashic Records (energetic database) recording all the soul’s history will be accessed.

A Soul reading includes information that your soul acquired along the way in mystery schools and spiritual orders. You will find out what soul group and Archangel Realm of traning you belong to and the qualities that brings to your life.

I format your reading in a way so that you can see how all this is impacting your life right now and how these soul decisions are affecting you today.

I also do property clearing as well as clearing earthbound spirits and entitys and negative thought forms..

I also offer Spirit Guide readings, Relationship Readings, Life Lesson readings, Life situation readings. Check out my website for more information.

I offer healing through the Completion Method. It offers the freedom to be in the now, its a mix of LOA/reparenting/ forgiveness/ ask and receive and much more.

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04 Feb 2011 satisfactory ranking Laure (unregistered)

Factual, but the chat ended early due to connection problems

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08 Jan 2011 satisfactory ranking Kristin21 (unregistered)


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20 Oct 2010 satisfactory ranking maria911


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24 Feb 2010 satisfactory ranking darkchains

She was nice, hit on how i am but asked for dob so idk, asked questions to understand things and didnt think i was really into this new guy when i am, i wouldnt do a one night stand sorry, not who i am, was nice but idk about it but will come back if she was right on things.

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05 Sep 2009 satisfactory ranking Guest (unregistered)


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