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Muse Carrie: Clairaudient Advice on Business and Marketing Matters, Personal Advice, Empath Who Truly Cares About Her Clients


Intuitive, empathic clairaudient offering to be of service in most every situation where guidance is needed. I listen to you with an open heart and through this you will feel a healing, and guaranteed a-ha! moments when we discover together the piece to the puzzle that you couldn’t find anywhere else you looked.

Your higher self knows what to do in every personal and business matter, but sometimes our logical minds get in the way and an outside party (me) can serve as an intermediary so that you get clues and guidance in whatever area of your life you need help with. I specialize in acting as a muse for businesses in helping to get a solid message across through effective, consistent, and aesthetically pleasing website content, logos, anything and (most) everything.

On the personal side together we can make a map for you to follow to reach whatever personal desire you wish!

DOB and name are optional. If I need any other bits of information to make a connection I’ll

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

COO of multinational ICT company where I was in charge of marketing and everything creative; muse to many – advised famous songwriter (over 16 million albums) on song names and I gave a well-known local artist a name for her successful jewelry line. (proof will be provided if you doubt this)

I’m also a writer and have many works published online. I am very good at translating technical jargon to language more easily read to laypersons. I did this every day while I was a partner in the ICT company.

Creative, psychic and intelligent all together make me able to provide guidance with business image, marketing, logos and website content.

Herbalist and medical intuitive.


Psychic experience: practiced massage therapy for 5 years offering psychic counseling. Empath, Clairaudient, Medium many Psychic abilities…for real. I can say all sorts of things about this but it may take talking to me to believe it. There are many charlatan psychics online, and I’m not one of them.

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