Advise on all matters of Love/Relationship and matters of the Heart.
I am a natural born psychic this is Not! something i have learned from Reading Books.This is a Gift that was past down from gen to gen,I am the 5th generation.
Hello,My name is Sofia ,I am a Europeian open minded Psychic with over 25 years of experience.I was born with the psychic ability to help others with various problems in life. I specialize in : Love, Relationships, Family, Career Moves, marital Issues, Financial Matters, Soulmate~Connections and Sex Issues. I can solve your problems,I can and will guide you in the right direction in life. I can give you a full psychic reading to bring insight into your future.I can assist you in variouse ways. Don’t let Confusion or Doubt stand in your way any Longer.! Here is your chance to take controll of your Destiny.! Healing of the Mind ,Body & Soul…All Readings are Private & Confidential~~No problem to Big or Small~~I Specialize in Aura and Aura Clensings..

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I was born with the Psychic ability to help others with variouse problems in life.I am a natural born psychic,This is a gift that was past down from gen to gen I am the 5th generation.
I am ready to take you’r hand and guide you to " A better tommrow "it’s up to you to make the call..Happiness is just a phone call away.Don’t let it Pass you by..


I am an open minded psychic with over 25 years of Experience..I specialize in : love,relationships,family,career moves,martial issues, financial matters, soulmate~connections & sex issues..

Healing of the Mind,Body & Soul…All Readings are private and confidential..

Services Available:

Crystal Readings,Past Life Regression,Chakra Balancing & Aura Cleansing to create piece of mind. I also perform Psychic Love Readings,Tarot reading’s,& powerfull Protection Spell’s.
Aura Readings & Soulmate Readings..

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