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Intuitive Relationship Help & Advice! Help for Sorting Thru Life's Obstacles: Breakups, Divorce, Affairs, Abuse, Job Issues; ~~ Come Talk With Me!


WATCH HIS VIDEO…CLICK ON IT OVER BY HIS PHOTO.. Psychic Patrick Athrain provides Professional relationship HELP. Have questions about your feelings? Need an ear to listen to your issues? I’m a Psychic that is guided by the Tarot and my Guide. I am here to help with any of your Relationship and Life issues. NO JUDGMENT ~ OPEN TO ALL ~

Breaking up? Divorce? Is he STILL cheating? Should I Marry? Life Decisions? I can support you through many life struggles.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Doctor of Divinity from WCM Ministries of California, Patrick has used his guides for personal experience for years and is now helping others, Master of the Tarot, Counselor to Individuals and Couples

Lifetime of Innate Ability to help! Recognized as a Great Listener & Counselor for those needing empathic guidance.



Over 20 years experience helping people empathically with life issues and relationships. Natural Intuitive with Expertise in family and relationship concerns, have helped many couples improve their relationships.

Patrick first realized his ability after a near death experience in a car accident where he was spoken to and told to put on his seatbelt….He did and within a quarter mile was in a severe accident and spent 3 months recovering.

All emergency personnel on scene said the safety belt is all that saved his life…...As a child Patrick saw images of people in his bedroom and talked to his guide regularly when issues arose. QUALITY HELP IS WORTH SEEKING!

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