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Get ACCURATE INSIGHT, PROFILING, CLOSURE Now! Evidentiary Psychic-Medium, Meri will prove that she is psychic within the first minutes of your consultation by providing you with unique accurate independently verifiable information. --Call NOW!


Meri is a real, professional Psychic Medium, Animal Communicator, and Police Psychic. She is also an empathic, caring, and experienced Eclectic Certified Crisis Counselor, Ordained Minister, Reiki Master, and Quantum Touch 2 Healer who has the ability to facilitate Emotional and Spiritual Healing and to help you Communicate with loved ones who have Crossed Over, including pets.

Meri’s gifts include Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Claircognizance, Clairgusience, Clairvoyance, Empathy, and Psychometry. She accurately reads people and animals, living and in spirit, remotely.

A Certified Counselor who is Both Intuitive and Empathic is the BEST of All Possible Worlds: She Really Understands—and Cares. And After All, Who Better to Talk to than Someone Who Can Really Understand Your Situation?

Over 25 Years Experience 5 Star Rated See Testimonials (below)!

The Future is Not Set in Stone, but is Up to You to Create!

MESSAGE Meri to get an immediate appointment during her regular hours: 2-11 PT

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Psychic Medium Police Psychic Clairaudient & Telepath Clairvoyant Clairgusient Clairsentient/Claircognizant Empath & Telempath Pet Psychic & Animal Communicator & Trainer Reiki Master Quantum Touch 2 Healer Eclectic Certified Crisis Counselor Ordained Minister


Testimonials (these are in no particular order):

As an experienced tarot reader (I have 31 years of experience) I am not one given to making statements lightly:

Meri is a wonderful psychic medium. She did an impromptu reading for me on my father. I was careful to not give her clues that some so called psychics use to get info to feed back to you. Yet she was right on the money when describing my father’s character. It was a wonderful experience, and one that I would gladly seek out again.

This woman is the real deal.

—M. Fimicoloud

Meri is, quite simply, one of the most gifted psychics living. I am a professional "psychic to the stars" and she’s MY go-to psychic. She is completely accurate. I don’t even SAY things like that. She is so funny and adorable and modest that it isn’t ‘til after you get off the phone with her, that you realize…"Wait a minute, everything she just said was completely spot-on!" And then a month later, you realize that, everything she said would happen, HAPPENED.

She is positive, brilliant and, well…just The Real Deal. And she should charge about ten times more than she does, so get her NOW before she figures that out.

—Peri Lyons

I’ve never found one that can look so deeply into someone’s emotions before though, as you can,

I’ve never known someone to be able to look so deeply into a person’s soul,

I think it’s because you tune into them rather than through me into them, you are the best psychic I ever consulted, that’s the truth.


Meri is one of three TOP advisors on this site. I have consulted her many times and she is truthful, accurate, and kind. She needs NO info and never asks anything but first names and last initial, (maybe dob, but not usually) and KNOWS EVERYTHING. The thing I love about her particularly is the depth and complexity of her readings. TEN STARS!! CALL HER, you will never regret it!

Fantastic, spiritual, empathetic gal! Very inspired from the talk and information. Thank you for your gift of spirit!

Unbelievable…Really amazing…I have spoken to many Psychics but no one like her…She was 100% on…I highly recommend her. Very STRONG connection. I was REALLY satisfied. —a police officer

Meri is a truly, truly, truly, gifted psychic and I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Amazing call – Meri was so right on, and tapped right into things that most people would never be able to explain. My blessings for all your kindness, I will call again – Excellent!! My gracious thanks!

Exceptional! A stray cat that I had been taking care of suddenly passed away leaving me devastated. Meri was able to make an instant connection with Roxie’s energy, enabling me to say good bye & confidently know I did all that was in my power to help Roxie in the short time she was in my life. Meri has a wonderfully soothing presence & exceptional ability to connect quickly. Once she made the connection, she let the energy and presence come across & served simply as an interpreter.

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Languages: English

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Twitter name: Meri_on_Bitwine

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