NEW to Bitwine on part time basis due to private practice. Reading professionally over 50 years.I have the ANSWERS to your QUESTIONS. LOVE Specialist and more. Natural Psychic. Read my Bio. ACCURATE PREDICTIONS! Are you ready?

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Kalpa Kythe awarded me my degree as a Certified Psychic in 1962. Cooke Academy awarded me my degree as a Certified Astrologer in 1968. Ordained Minister since 1968. I owned Psychic Fair, New Jersey 1978-1987 and employed 30 Readers who were tested and scored by me before hiring. From 1982-1986 I had my own live-TV show, Psychically Speaking. Have my private practice in addition to Bitwine where I enjoy the Chat feature, it gives my voice a rest :)


New to on a part time basis but no newbie to the mystical world of the Psychic Sciences. Over 50 years experience Reading professionally.

Readings are:

Psychic,Astrology,Automatic Writing, Past Lives,Regular Cards, Astrology Transit Readings which are predictive.

If you are confused about career, love, finances etc, let me point you in the right direction where you will make the most of your life by using the best abilities you have.

I Read Cards with an ordinary deck of playing Cards. It is a 42 Card layout.

At some point in life everyone should have a past life Reading. This Reading is an excellent source to understand yourself in the present by looking to your past lives. I utilize both Astrology and Psychic ability. Discover who you were in your most recent past life.

I also do Chart Comparisons between you and your loved one. Find out how you both add up for a permanent relationship together.

I write articles about the Occult for Suite101 online magazine.

I teach Beginners Astrology and my layout for Regular Cards. As always, I enjoy helping new Readers and teach Psychic Development. Message me for these Courses.

We all possess Psychic ability to some degree. Many clients I Read for have a great deal of it but are reluctant to Read professionally. If you feel you do but need a gentle shove, I can give you that push :)

There is no greater reward than to know that you were able to help a fellow human being.

We all go through troubling times and in our darkest hour we reach out for help. That has been my job for over 50 years to predict with accuracy and show clients there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

If I had a nickel for every Client who felt someone put a Spell on them, I would be a billionaire. This is why Astrology is also very important. It shows you how to get through a Saturn Transit rather than feel you need to have a Spell removed.

Only the Witch who cast a Spell on another is able to remove that Spell, Curse, Hex, Fattore,etc. 99 and 1/2 % of the time, it’s a Saturn Transit.

Each of us experiences a Saturn Return every 30 years. The same applies to Saturn on our Ascendant and/or Rising Sign.

When Saturn touches your Natal Venus (romance,loves in your life) if your relationship wasn’t strong enough to survive it, then it will end. Should you decide to hire me ask me when Saturn will transit over your Natal Venus. It can also end or be tested if it touches the love of your life, Natal Venus.

When I teach Astrology it is not only the negatives, there are some great positives such as a Jupiter Return or Jupiter in your 2nd House. Its always a great boost to your finances. Ask me where Jupiter is transiting in your Natal Chart.

I wish everyone, prosperity, peace, love, and much good health!

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08 Dec 2014 excellent ranking seashells

so great to have a reading with her and understand the astrology behind everything. Quite eye opening! thank you again!

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30 Nov 2014 satisfactory ranking bubuah

Didn't give much psychic advice, more like "oh the holiday and football games, that's why he cancelled" even though I mentioned that it was prior to this thanksgiving week. But last time I felt like she picked up well. So thanks for last time!

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29 Nov 2014 excellent ranking mel1970

She knows things! WOW

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28 Nov 2014 excellent ranking beablessing

She hit a number of details throughout the reading that rang true for me. I definitely look forward to hearing from him in December as that is what I'm assuming since she said contact at the end of the year. I will pray for sooner rather than later so I get to spend time with him before he leaves.

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14 Nov 2014 excellent ranking venusapril

she's so genuine. no fake stuff. she's so easy to talk to and fun to chat with. very good insights. she has seen consistent things even though we don't get to talk a lot. love her! read with her.

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