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FAST TYPIST I Have 19 years Experience I Interpret through visions, dreams, vibes, energy’s, & more. I connect with your feelings & energy’s. Emotional & Physical. While receiving strong vibes & visual images that enable me to understand & interpret your situation. I have helped many people in all areas of life. & now it’s my turn to help you! I Specialize in love, career, health, finances, & more. All I need is your name & date of birth & your questions will be answered! I’am 100% honest NO SUGAR COATING! I don’t tell you what you want to hear but what you need to know whatever I see in your future I will be honest & tell you exactly how I see it WITH DETAILS if your ready to hear the truth & to take that step & finding out what your future holds let’s take that step into your spiritual journey Don’t wait any longer with un-answered questions contact me now! for fast straight to the point DETAILED ANSWERS! You are only one click away from finding out your true destiny! Please leave POSITIVE Feedback! :)

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Before I begin any reading I need your name and date of birth. I do not start charging or request a payment unless you feel connected with me, and the reading. I do not charge for a connection my connection is FREE! I’am very generous with my time. but i do not give free readings. I will offer insight, advice and guidance in areas of your life you are in need of assistance, I do offer other services such as reuniting loved ones, prayers, healings, & More. thereby helping you re-establish Balance and Clarity into your life. any unregistered users will need to verify payment before any questions are answered! thank you for your understanding. hope of speaking with you soon!


I Inherented my gift from my great grandmother I’am the 4th generation to inherent this gift, I have been clairvoyant for 18 years and I have used my gift to help clients from all around the world ! Online, & In Person. I’am Clairvoyant, & Also Empathic which allows me to feel what other people are feeling, I can Hear, See, & Feel. I get Visions, Vibes, Energy’s, Feelings, & Dreams. Emotionally & Physically that is how I connect with people.

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19 Feb 2014 excellent ranking tashagene


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19 Feb 2014 excellent ranking susanne71

I really enjoy talking to her. I spoke with her about 3 weeks ago and her predictions are consistant. I still have another week or two before I should start to see them come to light, but definitely will talk to her again. She is really good!

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18 Feb 2014 excellent ranking aishakristine (unregistered)

Thank you so much, K. Getting a reading with you is uplifting and re-assuring. I do know your predictions happened in the past and I am hopeful that they do happen again soon - like very soon. I will update you once the shift happens. Thank you for the generous time you have me - the details, time frame and insight as well. Did I ever told you - you were the one who predicted he will be giving me a "ring" last year - in which case, he actually did? :) Hehehe.. That made me really happy. Thank you so much for always being there to help. :) Talk to you soon.

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15 Feb 2014 excellent ranking didinemiami

let me tell u this 4 years ago I spoke with her all she told me was accurate and came to pass she don't remember me but I save her name on my profile cause she was that good today I came back she have the gift still even more detail she told me things no one can know unless u are a real psychic people try this one im telling u that u wont regret she make sure she connect before she charge u didn't tried to sell u nothing just told u what she saw for u good or bad this now became so clear to me thanks to this psychic u rock we gonna talk so often so u can guide me as what to do in my life, xooxoxooxo

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14 Feb 2014 excellent ranking kaymar1120

I had a really lovely chat with the LoveSpecialist! She was able to tell me sooo much and made sure we had a connection before she charged.She was also honest in how much information she was able to pick up when i suggested adding more money. we had a really good connection and she was honest with me. I know she was accurate because she confirmed feelings i had about certain people and situations! i can not rave enough and will definitely be back!

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