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Robin is a highly experienced psychic with over 39 years of giving honest and accurate advice. He specializes in romance and matters of the heart and has helped thousands of people gain insight into their relationships. There is almost no situation he can not help you with. His approach to a psychic reading is very empathic. To make his connection to you he begins each reading with a meditation on your inner being and then tells you what he senses and sees. He may ask a few questions about your individual situation in order to be able to connect more deeply. These deeper insights into yourself and your surroundings will guide you in making better life decisions and prepare your way to a happier, peaceful life.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Business degree (BBA)

Ordained minister.

Master Spellcaster with 39 years experience.

39 years experience giving psychic readings.

US Army Veteran

Proven history of accuracy ,just check my feedback from real clients!


Over 15 years working online,done more then 20,000 readings during that time. Also used to have my own private psychic business. Clients seem to love my friendly manner and empathic nature. Especially accurate in matters of love and romance.

Wiccan prayer ceremonies available on request…no work more then $100. Compare that with others who charge hundreds! Accomplish things in life and fulfill your desires. I do the ceremony for what you wish. Accurate,affordable and Honest!

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13 Oct 2016 satisfactory ranking amlaw1975

I think he used more of his own opinion and less intuitive ability in my reading.

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06 Aug 2016 satisfactory ranking bcuzimagurl

Reading was alright...didn't say much...not much nitty gritty detail or depth. Not saying it was outstanding where the responses were paragraphs and all..but I don't wasn't awful either. Did pick up and was blunt..honest and straightforward...just in 10 mins I have had better detailed readings

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24 Jun 2016 satisfactory ranking tyannbeck

Not sure about this reading at all. I dont like it when readers tekl me you'll meet a new love through a family member or friends because one I don't deal with my family an tgey know I wont approve of them setting me up with someone and 2 I have one friend and he's male and would never introduce to any guys because he knows im not that kind of girl. I've never dated anyone through friends or family members. Thanks for trying though

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10 Jun 2016 satisfactory ranking lightofmine

Ok I guess

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21 Oct 2015 satisfactory ranking ratedrron

Robin was friendly, nice and helpful but he didn't pick up on the major themes and problems I'm having with my relationship at the moment. Didn't give a lot of specific details, and what was given was pretty vague and felt generalized. Asked quite a few questions as it's obvious the connection wasn't very good at all. Satisfactory over Unsatisfactory because he was very nice, apologized for not being able to be of more help and went over the allotted time and didn't rush me.

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