Scarlett Cayden

Scarlett Cayden


Hiii! my name is Scarlett Cayden! I began reading for my friends at age 12 just for fun. By age 15, my mother had me working with her in a spiritual bookstore, which is when I realized I was truly blessed with the gift of being a psychic. I am a natural gifted psychic through my family gene pool, as my mom is a very well known psychic and she promises that my gift is stronger than hers. Relationship reading inquiries always gravitate towards me, which is how I met most of my clients :) and I do not mean just love, but family and friend situations as well. Also, any insecurities or addictions of ANY sort you may have.

My energies are infectious! I will not sugar coat. I am very compassionate, loving, and proliferate VERY POSITIVE ENERGY! Must see with your own eyes!I would not trade this gift that God has given me. Being a psychologist only enhances my God given gift.

Please try one of my readings. You will be amazed at my accuracy and I would absolutely LOVE to take the time to speak with you!

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Florida State University Graduate with a Masters in Psychology.

Florida College of Natural Health with an aesthetics medical license and meditation courses.

Certified nutritionist.

As I began my career as a psychic the spiritual world would not let me go. I have found that by receiving my degree in psychology it was meant to enhance my psychic readings.


Works alongside Lady Kathryn (my mother)

2 years experience as a psychic radio host with Lady Kathryn.

Age 12 started reading for friends.

Age 15 part time work in a spiritual book store

Age 18 Worked for Keen as a part time job to assist me with my school costs. I hope that some of you remember me from Keen. I remember many of you.

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