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Namaste! Internationally renowned psychic, Master tarot reader! rated 5-star on several popular sites! University tested. I go where others fear to tread…Specials every day!

We all face issues that leave us puzzled and wondering which is the best course to take for the best outcome. There is no need to be shy about asking for help, this is precisely why I am here and why the universe has brought us together in your moment of indecision.

Through my use of tarot cards, astrology and a natural-born ability for psychic empathic insight I have the tools that are needed to help you find your way in this difficult world.

<b>I am highly rated on several psychic websites with well over 35 years experience.</b>

I am able to answer all of your questions regarding love, career and family, I specialize in GLBT isues. I am a natural empath.

I am here to help, listen and advise.

Remember: Everything will be ok when its over, if its not ok, its not over…yet.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Masters in teaching secondary education. Student of life, love and the world.

PS-IQ: ESP/Clairvoyance – 94 Precognition – 100 Medium – 100 Intuition – 100 Imagery – 100


I have been an empathic psychic since I was a young girl. Through the teachings and nurturings of my grandmother, who also had "the gift," I learned how to control and develop my abilities and use them to help those around me.I have three children, one of whom is also psychic.

I have acquired the skills of tarot reading and astrology along with my psychic abilities and spirit animals (ask me about them!). All of this has led me to this moment in time ready to help you with your most stressful and important decisions. I also employ my automatic writing skills when giving a reading.

While I often pick up on health issues, I will say no more about it other than to advise you to see your doctor. I will tell you if I see children in your future but will not give specifics and I will never tell you when I see your death or the death of someone near you. These are very intimate parts of your life that I feel I have no right to intrude on.

I am a three-way cancer (Sun, Moon and Ascendent) which gives me incredible clairvoyance, clairsentience and empathic abilities.

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13 Feb 2015 satisfactory ranking thatssoashli

Not sure of this reading. Slow typer and wasn't told any new information that made me think it was great.

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