I am a Empathetic, compassionate, understanding Life Coach. I specialize in the Twin Flame journey, and can walk you through the steps, the process, and the journey. I am also a Mental Toughness Coach, Holistic Healer, believe in the non-violent path. I specialize in working with Introverts and Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.

I teach the non-violent approach in love relationships. Soulmate, Karmic Relationships, and Twin Flames are at three different levels.

I can only help those who are serious about helping themselves, and willing to transform the inner darkness of the psyche into the light of God. The Heroine’s and Hero’s Journey is two different paths, and the feminine and masculine are learning different lessons at the same time.

If I can help you on your journey please contact me.

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Tarot/Psychic readings for Entertainment purposes only!

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Human Service Degree/Social work Non-violent communication Mental Toughness Life Coach Energy Healing/Holistic Healing Crisis Intervention Visualization/Meditation Sports Psychology/Positive Psychology Law of Attraction Metaphysical Non-violent communication/ Path of love & peace. Ruby Payne Training With Social Classes/Poverty/Homeless Business and Entrepreneur Coaching NLP Sports Psychology Astrology Meyer’s Brigg’s/Socionics/Keirsey Personality types.

I believe in the Berkley Psychic Method I study on a daily basis to keep up with my skills as a spiritual teacher and Life Coach.


I’ve be Healing Hearts since 2011 My personal journey has taken me down many avenues, trauma’s, tragedies, and I set out to find the true answers to true love, and being a success in life.

Most of my life I’ve studied on spiritual love, relationships, marriage, and dating. I’ve studied just about everything from psychology, spirituality, philosophy, neurology, and keep up to date.

What makes the difference is having a mentor and coach who is empathic to guide your way. I’m a firm believer that both spirituality and science go together. I believe it’s important to be knowledgeable in both psychic awareness and know the difference between mind, body, and spirit.

I’m Holistic Healer. If you lack education you can misguide someone not understanding the dynamics of how anxiety and depression work biologically and Mentally. One without the other is like walking around with one leg cut off.

We can expect people to change something that is impossible to change. We may be causing trauma and stress without being aware how this impacts a person physically.

In cases of depression and PTSD it is known to be the same thing as being a combat veteran. We can walk around unaware and in despair without the real answers to life and knowing how we have a cause and effect on our relationships and other people’s lives.

We can only heal and have healthy relationships when we become whole and complete and walk out of the dysfunctional addictive, alcoholic, and abusive relationships. Step out of the drama triangle and cycle of abuse that never ends.

Choose a healthier life path.

The difference between those who don’t succeed and those who do, are the ones that do have a mentor to give them support, guidance, and work with them on regular basis.

It takes six months to a year to break some habits, thinking patterns, and start turning your life around. Most successful people in the world have a coach to mentor them and hold them accountable to reach their goals.

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16 Oct 2014 satisfactory ranking Natedogg2k4 (unregistered)

Good connection. Hope things come to pass, if they do I will upgrade to excellent

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31 Aug 2014 satisfactory ranking divaphd

Thank you for the great insight!

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31 Aug 2014 satisfactory ranking zingo

Not very much info.

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05 Jun 2014 satisfactory ranking queenreyna89

The reading was OK

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30 Dec 2013 satisfactory ranking libbyf

Thank you - great read and I will check out your website.

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