I specialize in Mental Toughness/Mindfulness/Visualization/Meditation Techniques to reach peak performance in relationships/and business.

I am also an Empath and Use Lenormand Tarot.

What you’re paying for? You’re paying for the time I spend with you teaching you how to trouble shoot, problem solve, and be solution focused to get the outcome you desire in your life not a reading.

The goal: Teaching you to be mentally, emotionally, and spiritually strong to be resilient in this world and not be affected by what other people say and do. Teaching you how to take the right actions by making the right choices.

You must be a registered user. I do not accept unregistered users.

Absolutely no refunds!

Tarot Entertainment purposes only!

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Human Service Degree/Social work Non-violent communication Mental Toughness Life Coach Energy Healing/Holistic Healing Crisis Intervention Visualization/Meditation Sports Psychology/Positive Psychology Law of Attraction Metaphysical Non-violent communication/ Path of love & peace. Ruby Payne Training With Social Classes/Poverty/Homeless Business and Entrepreneur Coaching NLP Sports Psychology

I believe in the Berkley Psychic Method I study on a daily basis to keep up with my skills as a spiritual teacher and Life Coach.


Expert at Navigating through Abusive Relationships/Domestic Violence/Addictive Relationships/death & dying counseling/grieving bereavement/Struggling in poverty/homeless Reconciliation/forgiveness in relationships/marriage Divorce/Break up recovery. Grieving over missing persons/and those that have been killed.

Lenormand Tarot Reading $25 for 25 minutes

Psychic Awareness training consists of Energy Healing, Running Energy, Psychic Protection, Grounding etc. $50 and hour

Mental Strength & Emotional Strength Training $50 and hour consists of coaching you through fears in relationships and jobs. Visualization Techniques, Mental Rehearsing, Anchoring, Thoughts, Emotions, And Feelings being regulated. Staying the now. Mindfulness

Entrepreneur & Business Coaching $50 an hour Learning how to cope in an Entrepreneurship, on the job.

Mental Toughness Coaches aim for peak performance and success. Raising yourself into higher thinking, higher awareness, and not choking in fear.

Because I am a Mental Toughness Coach I believe when we get future readings or past readings it sometimes defeats the purpose of learning to stay in the now. The NOW is the only point in time that matters. This point it time NOW determines the outcome of the future by taking the right actions and making the right choices NOW. Creating, being innovative, and learning life skills, applying them to your life, practicing, and achieving self-mastery to be successful in relationships and business. When you have learned to focus on this point in time of the NOW, you will stop allowing Fear to flood your mine with adrenaline and end up crashing or choking in fear. If you’re fear based you will sabotage yourself in relationships and success.

Before you hire me, answer these few simple questions. What is your Why? What is your purpose for being here? What is it that you want to gain from interaction with me? If you don’t know why you’re here, and don’t know what your want to achieve in your life, or willing to do the work, I can’t really help you, because you’re resistant to making the changes necessary in your life.

If you’re not here for the right reasons, you’re wasting both our time, money, and energy. If you’re not serious about changing your life, I can’t help you.

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16 Oct 2014 satisfactory ranking Natedogg2k4 (unregistered)

Good connection. Hope things come to pass, if they do I will upgrade to excellent

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31 Aug 2014 satisfactory ranking divaphd

Thank you for the great insight!

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31 Aug 2014 satisfactory ranking zingo

Not very much info.

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05 Jun 2014 satisfactory ranking queenreyna89

The reading was OK

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30 Dec 2013 satisfactory ranking libbyf

Thank you - great read and I will check out your website.

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