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Dorothy Holder

Clairvoyance, Future Projections, Aura Diagnosis, Tarot for a look at Love, Career, Finances or Self Healing


Dorothy is a professional Clairvoyant specializing in Aura & Tarot readings with future projections.

With a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy achieved at the NZ school of Hypnosis she currently offers affordable hypnosis and meditation downloads, and is uniquely qualified for those wanting to engage in self development programs.

For your questions about love, life, career and finances,health, Future projections and Strategies for success in life and career.Information is a powerful resource when used consciously and with mindfulness.

What you can expect from Dorothy; Specific information with specific solution oriented advice, Compassionate non Judgmental approach to your problems, Honest and direct communication,Quality Information on all levels, Down to Earth interpretation Humour

Dorothy has developed programs for DNA Restructuring, Core Healing, Healing into the Past, Relationship repair, Self Actualization (spiritual attainment, Weight loss and effective communication

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Founder/Master/Teacher Vibrational Expansion Technique Seichim master/teacher Reiki master/Teacher Diploma Clinical Hypnotherapy achieved at the New Zealand School of Hypnosis (2000)

check out my video top right of this page to see how I read and get a look at the auras being as they are being read.

Dorothy now has a googleplay page with affordable hypnosis and meditation downloads for your phone, tablet or computer. Changing your life has never been so easy.


Founder of Pukekohe Energy Therapy Clinic 17 yrs full time Professional Clairvoyant Aura Reader/Energy Therapist Founder of Vibrational Expansion Technique of healing mind and body issues Master/Teacher Energy Therapy Techniques for professionals 15 years Aura Diagnosis Specialist Core healing Specialist Chakra Diagnosis Founder of Life Support Strategies Online teacher of aura reading, tarot reading, intuitive art and clairvoyance techniques advanced and beginner meditation for healing programs.

Dorothy is also a published author

Witticisms, Wisdims & Dorothyisms
       Body Centred healing
       Angels, Aliens & other Entities
       Learn Tarot
       The Moody Foody (cookbook)

and online show host with her two weekly events on intuitalks. A Psychic Affair Wednesdays at 9.30 pm and midnight Saturday the Late show looks at Occultists, Mediums, Secret Societies and more in a TV style series.

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Languages: English

Media: Audio Call, Video Call

Twitter name: energytherapies

Local Time: (GMT+12:00) May 27, 2016, 02:20PM

Location: Auckland, New Zealand  (Find on Google Maps)

Last seen: less than a minute ago

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676 Reviews: 637 Excellent 24 Satisfactory 15 Unsatisfactory

05 Sep 2015 unsatisfactory ranking cececoop


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07 Jun 2015 unsatisfactory ranking nishajanae

She hung up on me the first time. And I called back She didn't answer any of my questions left the chat and I would like a refund. I'm totally u satisfied with my reading. I didn't deserve that.

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27 Oct 2013 unsatisfactory ranking shaktinyc

This woman is rude and unscrupulous. I have been a reader for 7 years and a healer for 5. She insulted my practice and my ethics and then when i got upset she told me it was because i didnt want to hear what she was telling me about the relationship i asked her about and said I didnt want to hear the truth. She REFUSED to look into a relationship (thats what psychics and empaths do) and told me it was not my business to heal the gentleman I asked her about despite the fact that he came to me and gave me explicit permission to do just that. Avoid this B*tch at all costs. She is a haughty and demeaning woman.

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25 Jul 2013 unsatisfactory ranking jessharp

After reading the transcript I wasn't satisfied. Months ago I came to her and something she had said was said again and months ago it didn't happen as was predicted so I'm doubtful this time. Also, contradicting in the outcome of a relationship and frankly I'm confused by it. Refund please.

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15 Jun 2013 unsatisfactory ranking mbg15794242

She just repeated one thing over and over again, and maybe its true, and its good what she said, but I guess I like a broader and more in depth view...she was dry and hard to talk to as if she was in a bad mood, but she seemed to see one thing clearly and only one thing which she repeated for ten minutes even though I tried to rear the conversation to another topic. She will probably say its not what I wanted to hear, but my unsatisfaction comes from only seeing one thing...and not clarifying specifics, nor details...too board. Sorry bit it was...

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