Serenitygarden , Highly Intuitive Empath,Clairvoyant,Clairaudient , Spirit Channeller . I often connect with loved ones , including pets that have crossed over. For a very insightful and informative reading . Contact me now . The first 2 minutes free


My name is Serenity Garden and I am a Intuitive Medium , Clairaudient (hearing/listening to spirit ) Claircognizance ( a knowing) , Clairsentience (feeling spirit, touched by spirit) and also quite often Clairalience (smelling) such as in the scent of perfume, or tobacco in connection with spirit that have crossed over.

Gifted from a very early age , I would see, hear and feel spirit . I do not need tools to connect as I am a sensitive and a empath and I sense and feel deeply the emotions being experienced by others . In my readings I will not sugar coat the information to give you what you want to hear but will deliver honest and caring messages from my guides and yours and your loved ones who have crossed over.

If a loved one has a message for you , it is very common for them to pop in during a reading session and give you the message. They will do this if they feel you are ready to hear and have messages from them and just know that they are always only a thought away.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Natural born Medium and Empath very Intuned to the energy and spirit around you and your loved ones.


I have been reading Professionally since 2005 and privately for over 20 years.

I do not need tools to connect with you and your loved ones though I do at times use Angel and or Tarot cards to further validate what I channel from spirit.

I am part of a spiritual network , soul session group and locally work to assist others through my spiritual work and channelled art to raise funds for many charitable events and humanitarian functions.

This is part of my work in giving back to others through donations of my art work for Cancer, Restoration of Heritage buildings and for fund raising to support Rescue and adoption centres for Animals

You may connect with me on Facebook and or Twitter .

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05 Mar 2014 excellent ranking justme88

WOW WOW WOW!! I agree with the last client...I am speechless too. She read me and my situation sooo accurately I would say she got me correct at 100% and not many can do that right off the bat. Very fast typist, provided loads and loads of information and details. I'm definitely coming back!!!

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04 Mar 2014 excellent ranking rejoice2014

WOW, WOW, WOW...I am speechless. I do not know if there is anyone like her on bitwine! She types lightening fast and she really sensed what i was feeling before I said anything. I could tell she was the real deal because she did not ask any questions, but hit the nail on the head. She was more than generous with her time with me and I truly appreciated that. I was truly amazed. You have to give her a try to see for yourself. She is just amazing!!!!!! I was more than happy with my reading. It was way beyond excellent because it is hard to find an honest and accurate reader who genuinely in tune with you and has no ego. I can honestly say this lady proves there are people who are gifted with a special intuitive ability. I am very happy i took a change and gave her a try today. I hope to be back in the future. She was an awesome lady. I wish her all the best....I am just speechless!!!

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03 Mar 2014 excellent ranking echineseguru

Excellent reading. Very loving and caring reader and her guide Jasmine. Provided a lot of help. Very accurate on information. Two beautiful spirits. Highly recommend.

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27 Feb 2014 excellent ranking moon.beth

a wonderful, genuine reader who connected really quickly without any information on my side. very calm and deep reading :)

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25 Feb 2014 excellent ranking nice80

thank you so much... spot on my situation... Godbless you

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