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Hi, my name is “Celeste”, I have known for as long as I can remember that I was blessed with special gifts, and that I was created and put on this earth to care about, care for, and guide those around me. At the age of 13, I started putting it all together. I am a clairvoyant, clairsentient, empathic, psychic reader. I have helped people in the game of life for over 20 years. If it is love, money, career, companionship, or just to see what the universe has planned for you, I can help!! I accept boundaries, and respect the privacy of each and every client. I am non-judgmental and I am open to any situation. All of my friends will tell you that sincerity, compassion, and honesty are my strongest qualities. Please be prepared to open up to me, and willing to hear the truth. I will not give you false hopes, promises, or sugar coat your reading. With Much Love, Celeste

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All of my life I have spent studying and building my spiritual path. I will not sugar coat messages or anything that comes up in our readings. The true purpose of a psychic reading is to guide, empower, and prepare those around me for what lies ahead. I take my gifts very seriously. I am a great listener and I am confident that I can help you reach new paths, close or renew old paths, and prepare you for what lies ahead. I pride myself with the friendships I have made through the years using my Clairvoyant,Clair-sentient,Clairaudient, and Emphatic Gifts!!!

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26 Jul 2013 excellent ranking sonny729

When I talk to Celeste, it's like I'm talking to the person I've come to chat about, as she is able to "channel" his thoughts and feelings, and expose all those hidden truths I don't know about. This is truly a surreal experience because her connection is so spot-on. Celeste uses words and phrases that my significant other uses, and it astounds me EVERY TIME. She is worth her weight in gold, and then some.... You have been invaluable to me, Celeste! And I thank you so much for all your help. xoxo!!!

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24 Jul 2013 excellent ranking sbrown

Really nice lady, great connection, spot on:)

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23 Jul 2013 excellent ranking mar6732

Celeste is very gifted and compassionate! She has provided lots of guidance, and compassion to me and I value her advice tremendously. She is very on touch with situations in my life and has predicted things that have indeed come true. She's the best!!

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22 Jul 2013 excellent ranking sonny729

I LOVE CELESTE! I reached out to her a week ago with a problem, and she knew exactly how to handle the situation. She literally knew word for word what my significant other would say to me, and she knew what he was thinking. Celeste is amazing, insightful and in touch with your energy. A TRUSTED ADVISOR, and then some! Thank you, Celeste... I'll be back soon.. xoxo

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18 Jul 2013 excellent ranking sonny729

Celeste is wonderful! I was chomping at the bits over a problem, and she confirmed my feelings. She was accurate, insightful, and soothing... Spot-on with her details. Thank you, Celeste... I will be back! xoxo

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