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I’m an intuitive, empathic, open-minded, non-judgmental, and very caring spiritual advisor. While I can make predictions about your future, I also strongly believe that we are not just in the hands of fate, but have the ability to exercise our own free will and make our own choices, and we are therefore able to influence our own futures to a very great extent. Based on that belief, I can provide you with detailed insight and guidance regarding your current situation, which you can use to empower yourself in a way that can help you to manifest a brighter, more positive future for yourself. Sometimes our evaluation of your situation may reveal exactly what you are hoping for, but other times it may not, so it is very important that you be prepared to be enlightened by the truth, whatever it may be. Also, please be assured that I am genuine and ethical; I treat all of my clients with the greatest respect and care deeply about their needs, and I will devote myself to helping you in any way that I can.


I was born with various spiritual gifts and learned to develop them further under the guidance of my grandmother and aunt, who also were born with natural gifts allowing them to empathically attune themselves to others. I have also practiced and studied with other genuine intuitive/empathic advisors to further improve my abilities. I have been helping others for more than 15 years, and been told that my abilities are amazingly accurate, by clients as well as friends and family members. I devote much time to researching and studying all aspects of spirituality in order to enhance my gifts, in pursuit of my own personal growth as well as to help others.

In addition to my experience in spirituality, I also take an interest in studying the subjects of psychology, sociology, and human behavior, and have worked for more than 10 years in the social services field. Thus, I am able to help you with your concerns not only on a spiritual level, but can also apply my other skills to analyze your situation on a more practical level, if necessary.

By using all of my experience and training combined, I can provide you with detailed insight into your situation and make projections about the possible outcomes, which you can then use to empower yourself and determine your own future by illuminating your path with the light that only truth can provide.

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