Dear, Selma

Dear, Selma


Servicing in all areas of Love & Relationships. Health & happiness for your spiritual well being.

I’m also experienced in detailed tarot readings, astrology as well as aura cleansings!

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I would like thank you for visiting my page :) Some insights about me!

I am a third generation spiritual reader. My family line is northern Indian and eastern European, otherwise known as Roma.

I began my spiritual journey in helping others very early in my childhood. I’ve watch my grandmother conduct meetings, spiritual healings as well as retreats during my upbringing I also watched her mentor my mother who was troubled with her abilities as she had a hard time managing all her feelings/senses. She’s come a long way with these obstacles in her practice since then. I am very fortunate and blessed to of had such a rich bond/support. The foundation of service and support as well as my ability to Connect, Discover and translate and help my clients grow is my mission of service and spiritual kindness/awareness is of paramount. I’m offering free consultations as well as connect time. Payment capability must be verified before session begins.


I’m a very detailed reader that truly believes in connecting with my clients on all levels so that we can uncover these barriers to help travel back to find healing/understanding with solutions of moving forward and letting go on what no longer serves us that might very well be of blockage in your energy field preventing you from moving forward to your next spiritual cycle for healthy growth.

I love learning about people and sharing spirits and true connections to create, heal and rebuild this journey called life. Teaching all things spiritual for higher meaning with a higher chance to gain a happier quality life in love and relationships. All on a one on one, friendly and convenient fun way!

My clients will learn to decode, identify and use sensitive methods of rebuilding dull, irritated and unwanted energy fields in their spiritual house.

If you are unsure on what you are feeling but are certain something in your energy is off whether that be in Love, Business, Marriage, friends or Family, I can help determine these roots. My methods are ancient remedies. I offer evergreen solutions. All of my work is only from the purest of nature and what earth and spirit has to offer. True Advise, as well as direction and am always understanding and never trying to push product or sales on my clients and I’m truly genuine in my approach with no hidden agenda/false promises. I am naturally a nurturing person and love sharing healthy, positive and healing energy with all and with my own experience I believe I have a lot to share/offer. I believe to never judge people as many wear different shoes and not all one size fits all. I also believe in Karmic energy rings.

My Goals and my mission is to simply provide a service of myself with kind, genuine and understanding energy while we use our spiritual connections to get through, unsolved, or rebuild any situation that may be holding you back from being whole on a spirit level while navigating through challengers of the everyday. I want to help you reach full potential for the best quality spiritual health, emotional health, and physical.

I welcome you to visit me today with any questions you may have… it starts with saying hi!

Thank you kindly, Selma

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