To all my loving clients,I am sorry I am offline right now.I have major illness in my family and with myself.I am sorry I am not here to help you currently.I love you all and will be online asap.Most likely several weeks.Please forgive me,we are ALL human


❤❤REAL,RAW ANSWERS.NO FLUFF.NO TOOLS USED!REAL Intuitive with REAL ANSWERS!Amazing results in ONE session.Come and I will show you the DIFFERENCE a real intuitive can make.

4.99 I am nonjudgmental in every way!

Too many people call themselves "psychic" and I do not use this for myself.Too many fakes are out there,I feel the pain you might feel of being ripped off,I have been there before looking for help,finding nothing but lies

I love God and I don’t hide the fact I do! No matter your religion,sexual preference,race or otherwise I am here to help EVERYONE.:)

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

I have been an online Intuitive Reader for over 10 years,helping thousands of clients worldwide from every walk of life.

Stephanie has hit her 20,000 reading!That is a LOT of reading friends :)

I am not a prophet,I do not claim to have a special gift I just know things about people that honestly I have no idea of how I know!I Love God,truly and His Son.I do not want to be known as a psychic,or anything of the sort,I am here to help you however in all areas of life.

Know that when you come to me you can ask for several different types of sessions.I am currently offering telepathic sessions,readings,life coaching,marriage counseling,as well as relationship coaching.

I will not and do not do spells,incantations and or bindings,so please do not ask me.

I know what it feels like to "not fit in".Your NOT alone!I know what it feels like when no one understands you and you feel totally alone.Come right on in and I will be glad to help you no matter your problem!


10 years of experience as an online professional intuitive Reader and Counselor.

Intuitive since birth,a gift passed down thru many generations

100% Natural readings,no crystals,no spirit guides,no demons,no crystal balls or tarot cards,you,me and a computer:)

Superb feedback!Highly Accurate,personal,professional and compassionate advice

I have worked on three different websites,and always have 4.8-5 star feedback!

I have helped people from every single walk of life.I have seen just about every situation you may ever think of.But each person is different.Everyone has their own way of being and I understand this completely.I will help you in ways you may not understand but I will help you understand what I am doing and why I am doing it.

Must be 18 years old or older to enter chat,all services are for entertainment purposes only,services are not guaranteed in any regards and are nonrefunable

Legal disclaimer You are hereby notified that and all information given to you by me on bitwine is souly for this website and or chatbox and cannot and will not be used on any public forum,website,blog,social media and or anyother online venue or offline venue.Any and all readings and the contents thereof are to be treated as confidential and Stephanie’s name shall be given to anyone at any time unless it is to refer someone to her for her services.If you breach these terms you shall be held liable for doing so for this is slander,this includes any and all reviews

This link is only for information purposes only I do not own any content it belongs to the owners and I am only using this for ref


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1591 Reviews: 1574 Excellent 11 Satisfactory 6 Unsatisfactory

27 Sep 2014 excellent ranking sharmishtha

Amazing reading! just gonna for the predictions to pan out just the way she said. Shes worth it guys! try her

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26 Sep 2014 excellent ranking guide

Came here.. to find the truth.. and im leaving with great news.. im in shock... all i have to do is wait and see.. but before.. all predictions have been true.. im sure this time too.. love u girl

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26 Sep 2014 excellent ranking aishakristine (unregistered)

thank you so much.. :) You always help me with your readings and work. Thank you. I can't wait to share the good news. :)

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26 Sep 2014 excellent ranking cynsiewil

She has a kind of "force majeure" flowing through her. Definitely the real deal and not the type to use tarot cards or tools. She just knows what she knows, and it's flat-out astonishing. UPDATE: She was 100% right that someone would be fired, despite the fact that it looked exactly the opposite and we got multiple signs that he WOULD NOT BE. She was right!

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24 Sep 2014 excellent ranking aishakristine (unregistered)

thanks so much stephanie ;) - predictions came to pass - all of it. :) and thanks to the work she has done - a lot of things are on a much better place now - thank you :) call u again soon for updates. hopefully this next one comes to pass as well. :) I did asked for it, right? :P

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