Stephanie's Telepathic NATURAL Dead On Insights! Come see the difference!NO TOOLS.NO.BULL. :)


NATURALLY Intuitive Counselor,helping you in a variety of areas in your life! Very accurate,compassionate and non judgmental.

Allow my reviews to speak for themselves!

If you feel like no one understands you and you JUST NEED SOME INSIGHT..I KNOW THE FEELING.I HAVE BEEN RIPPED OFF IN THE PAST!Thus why I have chosen thru the years to HELP OTHERS WHO HAVE HAD THE SAME DONE TO THEM!:)

I read ANYTHING and do so WITH NO TOOLS.Highly intuitive and HIGHLY sensitive to persons feelings,thoughts and future events as well as current!

I judge no one for ANY reason! Your personal beliefs are your own,come to me as you are,and I will help you!

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

I am simply a person with an ability to tell you what I feel about your situation,allow my reviews to speak for themselves.

I am a GOD FEARING WOMAN.I believe In God,Love Him and Jesus His Son,YET I DO NOT JUDGE OTHERS BELIEFS

I will help you if I can,and if I feel your situation is a bad one? I will tell you the truth of what I feel,whatever it may be

I suppose I was born with this ability,though it did not peak until I was 24 years old and then it just BAM hit me like lightening

I have never "fit" in.If you feel alone? I understand,I have been there!

Your situation is never too complicated or simple for me to help you with! :)


I am here to help you,Christians I urge you to come pray AT NO COST YOU


Over 7 years of being an online intuitive counselor with thousands of satisfied clients,I give intuitive answers and I also do counseling sessions as well,for any reason whatsoever,if you have a problem your welcome to come to me,big or small,nothing is too difficult for me to handle.

You will be asked the following:

Your name. Your age NO DOB! Names of other person(s) Age(s) of other person(s What can I help you with?


Disclaimer: Your coming here to receive my insights and advice about your situation(s),I will give you my HONEST advice.I do not give refunds if your not happy with the outcome of your session,this is not medical advice and should you need medical or mental assistance you need to call a health care giver as soon as possible,ty.

When your tired of the run around,give me a call :)

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26 Jul 2014 excellent ranking hazelwaters

she's really good, def. will be back soon :)

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25 Jul 2014 excellent ranking wimadix1987

great as always

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22 Jul 2014 excellent ranking looker1208

Always great insight and a great friend. Looking forward to the outcomes of all the hard work she has done for us.

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20 Jul 2014 excellent ranking tonevintage

Thx :)

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19 Jul 2014 excellent ranking moonlight81

my favorite all time! very accurate she reads ur mind before u ask her a Q LOL ! i always trust her predictions cuz they are always accurate ! :* xoxo

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