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As of 8/27/2013 I have a new policy:

To all that seek my help and services:

I am a prophetess. I have the ability to speak things in your life, I am NOT a fortune teller. In regards to predictions, I NEVER tell anyone, "here is what I predict". In reading your life concerns if it is to be known, it will be showed to me.

1. Most people that have had readings before, sit on a waiting game, and therefore change the energy, instead of living life.

2. I am not GOD, and sometimes there are several futures I can see,I will NOT tell you what to do. I never give my opinion, that is not my job.

I will hold each person accountable that seek my help, in regards to how they play a role in their own lives and that of others, or for whatever inquiry they seek.

I am REAL, I do not play games. When you come to me, be prepared to know more about how to change your life for the better. With a change of your thoughts, words, actions, or deeds, you CAN change your life, for better or worse.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

M.A. Metaphysical sciences



My words are like musical notes, but the manifestation is a symphony.

I am human, and make mistakes like every other human out there.

All Mighty God, Holy Spirit, Angels and Divine guides are perfect.

Please don’t expect me to be perfect, or have all the answers for you.

We have free will to choose our own path, therefore, you may hear what I have to say, but never choose to take my advice.

Remember it is your choice to take the advice given. If you decide to call and don’t get the answers you want, please DO NOT rate your call based upon your reaction, but rather on the quality and accuracy of your reading.

I do reveal positive possibilities that inspire people to see their situations in different ways and take charge where they have power and influence. But they do the work because of or in spite of their situations, not me. And therein lies my accuracy.

The Universe guarantees plenty of surprises, so we all have limited control over many events in our lives, but we have unlimited potential concerning how we interpret matters, and thus how we act, react, and grow. And therein lies our real power.

In many ways, one teaches what one wants to know and understand. I want to know where and how I’m most empowered, how to deal with life’s constant curve balls, what stage in my mental, physical and spiritual evolution I’m going through, how to make the best decisions, and on and on.

I find it interesting, and even ironic, that the Universe empowers me to offer other people what I seek to know about myself. This certainly adds to why I am ‘accurate,’ but in the end the people for whom I read are the creators of my accuracy, as they bring into manifestation that which happens.

Helping a family of Clients/Friends worldwide for 35 years.

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