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In the world we live in today. You see and hear things happening all the time. People saying that they can tell you things about your life. To tell you the truth only God knows what is going to happen in your life. I am a woman who love the Lord with all my heart, mind, body and spirit. I am going to Ames Christian University right now to get my Christian Counseling degree. I am will to talk with people and help with some issues or even just help you to come close to the Lord. Take a look at my web site and also my experience section of this site. If you like what you see come talk with me. I have a lot of information that can help you deal with all kinds of things. Do not go to someone whom claims they know about your life. Go to someone who can teach you how to talk with the only living being that can guide your life. My working hours are 7am-6:36 pm daily
On Sundays there is a 3 hours I will be at church. Leave a message it does not cost. I will let you know when I start charging for service.

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I am going to school right now. I have read these books so fare in School.
Why We Stay Stuck by Tom Joseph.
The Steps to freedom in Christ.
The Bondage Breaker. These where by
Neil T Anderson.
Old Testament. New Testament. Spiritual Warfare. Creative Bible Study Methods.
Foundations of Faith. Knowing the voice of God! So fare I have got all A in my classes!


I have lived with a witch most of my life. I have been around people that have had a demon in them. I have seen what Satan can do. I have read many books on spiritual warfare. Once a male witch cast a spell on a friend of mine. I had to help her. I had to do it fast. See I could have cast a spell on him and saved her right way, but as a Christian I knew Jesus would not want me to do it that way. In High school I did pre-teen counseling all four years of school. I have also been in Teens against drugs in high school and in Junior collage also.

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