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Having trouble in your life? Significant other sending you mixed singles? Need to figure out where to go our what to do with your life now? Come talk with me and I will use all the psychic abilities at my disposal to make your life easier and more comfortable as well as put your worries and fears to rest.I am the psychic for you! :) A benefit that you obtain by talking to me as well is that I can give advice without being biased. I understand that it can be hard sometimes, especially if you are dealing with friends, family, or lovers who are close to you. Their opinions and advice tend to be one-sided; either toward you or against you. Sometimes that biased can lead your life down a path that you never wanted to travel in the first place. With the service that I provide, I can still give heart-felt advice without that biased. My only policy is if you don’t pay, I don’t read you.

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I graduated from the Lightstone Academy of Psychic Arts. I studied and used my psychic abilities years before then as well. I am well-versed in spiritual knowledge and love speaking with people. I want to help you find light within yourself so you can share your light with others.


I trained at a psychic academy and graduated. I have been a full-fledged reader for a year now and I can do everything from tarot reading, to energetic healing, past-life reading, mediumship, and channeling. I channel my spirit guide and we discuss a multitude of things which can be seen here:

I have also written a book entitled the Esoteric Writings of A Boy which can be seen and bought here:

More to come there for sure! :)

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