Astrologer,Psychic,Tarot reader,Spell caster,Black Magician,Healer. I can reunite any one who is apart, with the powers of sptul prayers & spells. want to know feelings?intentions?past?present?future?i have all the answers for you. connection before hire!


Are you wondering about your soul mate? want to know how he/she feels and thinks about you? Are you wondering where this relationship will take you? whats lies ahead? what will happen in near future? allow me to answer your questions in detail.

My readings are in-depth which will show you clear visions and guide you towards your path in life. I am an empathic that base my answers on what I truly feel and the vision of what is given. I guide people to searching and reaching for their higher self and understanding the subconscious at the matter at hand.I will help you and guide you

Note: when my per minute charge is above $1 , i wont do $10 deals . i only do readings by charging per minute.

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I have conducted many seminars on spirituality and religion . i have been doing readings and helping people from last 12 years .


I have 12 years of experience, I am a professional astrologer, psychic, tarot reader. Long ago i started realizing my gifts, i predicted few issues, problems, out comes for my friends and family which was accurate. then i started sharing my abilities with every one.

I do reading in the area of love, relationship, career, money, personal life, issues, past, present, future. My guides and angels will help you to find answers, along with helping you achieve the serenity which is required to aid in making your dreams reality.

I am here to offer you in-depth insights. I am a psychic with wide experience in consultations predictions made with accuracy and depth of knowledge. I also give sound advice in the area of love, relationship, marriage, divorce and more.

My friend came to me with a hope. she was separated from her boy friend and i cast a spell for her and helped her ex to see the hidden things. to see the values of her, to realize what his heart and mind says. he came back to her with a apology and they are married, happy couple now. don’t leave your self in dark, don’t feel you are helpless, don’t feel unstable, don’t feel you don’t have choice, i will show you the ways which will take your towards happiness and your goals.

I also do crystal ball,psychic,astrology readings by connecting to concerned person.

i always give connection before you hire me. i values your time and money and i will let you know if i am not connected.

i will really appreciate if you leave a feedback and it will encourage me to keep you in my prayers and to help you in future and other clients as well. please don’t leave negative rating . before that do ask for clarifications so you will have the better understanding of the reading and will not feel confused or unanswered.thanks

full readings through set price start from $15 to $50. please no bargains. thanks

please note : Bit-wine (online psychic network) does NOT permit communication other than via the Bit wine platform. So please DO NOT share contact information, such as email address and phone number. Please use the btiwine’s Live Chat or the messaging platform for communication.

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21 Sep 2010 excellent ranking sarvpreet

Amazing reader and accurate on the situation.

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18 Sep 2010 excellent ranking jasminevu

Excellent reading. Dead on with my situation. Very generous reader. Hope it'll turn out well

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15 Sep 2010 excellent ranking jona (unregistered)

to the point, accurate and nice.

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13 Sep 2010 excellent ranking djdolo37

Very sweet reading she was very detailed on things and I believe she is very accurate. Sh confirmed what others saw I will have to be patient and focus on me, wonderful reading. It gave me peace today. Thank you saphira

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12 Sep 2010 excellent ranking faterules

A true talented and gifted reader detailed and to the point, her gift is so obvious

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