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Problems in your current relationship? Unhappy in your career but aren’t sure where your true talents lie? Whether we are experiencing illness or health, lack or prosperity, loneliness or wholeness, let me guide you as you gain valuable insights, a fresh perspective or increased meaning to your life. I have been providing clairvoyant and psychic readings for over 20 years. I always provide straight forward, candid information on your specific issues and concerns. Topics that can be explored during your clairvoyant reading can include your: Relationships, Health, Family Career, Spirit guides, Past lives, Present life mission If you are need guidance regarding issues you are currently facing in your life, a confirmation on choices and decisions you are trying to make, if you are looking for support and guidance as you walk your path of Light, then a reading with Valentina Visions, is just what your looking for! Chakra balancing -$45.00 per. blockage Palm Reading-$20.00

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178 hours in Healing arts, also I’m licensed and certified in the State of New Jersey. I have 3 business locations, with two in New Jersey, & one location in Boston, MA.


Born with extraordinary sences from birth. Was born with a veil. First signs of Psychic abilities were shown at age of 2. Performing full life readings since 5 years old. Now with over 20 years of experience. I specialize in spiritual healing, card readings and I am also a visionary. I have provided answers to many people in all walks of life. There is no problem to big or small. I can help you today. All answers, advice and guidance you will receive will be accurate and honest. I will help you get back on track. I have been helping others since I was 5 years old. But I am a born gifted psychic and medium.

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17 May 2012 unsatisfactory ranking anixon

No connection, person was grasping at straws..... asked her no to charge for the session, would like to see what happens

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04 May 2012 satisfactory ranking jerry2461

not what i wanted to hear but she called it the way she saw it.

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28 Apr 2012 satisfactory ranking chrissiedeg

She was great and I recommend her!! Took the time with me and responded accurately and advisingly. Had to come back in to add this a week or so after the reading because I was really surprised (and naturally disappointed) when her timeframe prediction did NOT happen as she said and then when I approached her about it in an email I recv'd no reply. I am feeling that is not too cool.

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27 Apr 2012 excellent ranking Blueberry (unregistered)

I enjoyed my reading. Valentine was very good and very generous with her time. I appreciated her quick response and candid answers. I would recommend.

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24 Mar 2012 excellent ranking reica

great advice!

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