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God Gifted Psychic W/ Over 30 Yrs Experience.Honest & Accurate w/ Timeframes Given. No Fluff Just Facts. Get all your questions answered with the guidance of my spiritual guides. I Have Helped Thousands Over The Years and Now I am here to help you. Because I am One of the highest ranked psychics on the site, I do not play the test the connection game. My feedback from clients is testimony enough. If you cancel the pay button once it pops up you will be blocked because I do not give free readings. This is not a free reading site! So if you click on my button please expect to pay. If you would like a high quality reading contact me now.DO NOT ask if you are pregnant, guides will not give that answer that is what pregnancy tests are for and do not ask when you will have your next child, guides will not answer that. They only answer how many children you will have in a lifetime. Please also remember that although timeframes are given and most are accurate there is no guarantee Note NO REFUNDS GIVEN!!!!


Over 30 years as a certified psychic ranked in the top percentile of my field. Have helped thousands over the years including reuniting lovers through free candle work

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11 Jan 2017 unsatisfactory ranking imaginethat

False hopes and predictions didn't happen. Seems like she's in it for the money only and not for helping people.

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11 Jan 2017 unsatisfactory ranking imaginethat

Fed me false hopes. Predictions didn't happen and timelines extended.

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07 Jun 2016 unsatisfactory ranking rhee

ok every time i read for the guy ,u always give me info n dates that actually brings up "the toxic past" ,which i DONOT want to see or hear from… so basically all u readings are completely wrong…all the time i was asking about someone,u kept telling me about someone else…that too someone i am healing from n who has caused me pain …u are completely off ! sorry i had to say this…and i am trying to find u online..but u are either busy or offline…!

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21 May 2016 unsatisfactory ranking beablessing

All of the predictions were wrong. In three months not one thing actually happened. She said on March 28 that i'd be meeting the guy in question at a gathering. Nope it never happened. In fact it's now May 21 and I still haven't met him. After the 28th didn't happen then she said meeeting in April, then May. But it never happened. She then told me multiple times that I'd be hearing from his mother. Still haven't heard from her. First it was in a week, then it was May 7, then I was told she thinks about you all the time. I'm not sure why you haven't heard from her yet. It doesn't make sense. She said a financial opportunity was coming to me. First it was ten days, then it's June. I could go on, but it never happened. What makes me the most upset is that I really did bond with Annette over the past three months. I liked her. And I spent a ton of money with her. But I feel like I was lied to. And now my money is gone.

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04 Sep 2015 unsatisfactory ranking cececoop

not happy w/ reading

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