Registered Nurse - journal studies related to your problem. Health problem I can show you studies showing benefit and/or detriment.


Your "Ailment" has already been studied via scientific method, and it is free to anyone online. is the easy way to read about specific problems. Unfortunately, most problems will not limit themself to 1 thing, and not all vitamins are created equal. For example magnesium oxide and magnesium chloride are absorbed at terrible rates. Combining certain vitamins is harmful. These are the particulars you are ordering. I will put together an entire personal profile from your health history, and you can then do your own cross research and decide, if anything, you are willing to do. My recommendation will come mostly offline – i am not going to research everything and give you a jump to conclusion.

Whatever you are going through, I have an opinion and will back it up with studies proving affect and effect.

Refunds will be provided if you don’t think it is the most complete document you have ever received from ANY professional. The price of .01.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Associates Degree of Nursing
long standing member of
-"College" classes consisterd of organic and inorganic chemistry 2 parts each, along with a part of microbiology.


Most recent save – dog with parvo. Brought him back from near complete liver failure with a single herb. He was at the point of complete liver failure. Yellow eyes. The professional vet wanted another 3k just do diagnose parvo after failing to cure him after 2 visits. Came back from yellow eyes, sunken stomache/dehydration and within a week was nearly normal. Have documentation of this event.

human – gulf war syndrome – repair / halting of severe respiratory problems upon exertion. Person was directly involved in Iraq war 1, where depleted uranium shells via warthogs were used in the infamous highway of death. Had to clean up the mess, GPS coordinate location of each body that was salvagable and record identity if they had any on them.

I have a wealth of knowledge but I don’t voice it, simply because the people around me got tired of hearing why you shouldn’t eat that fried pork or why you should throw more salt on your food.

The point is, I have an overview of how the body works (registered nursing school) combined with obsessive reading and studying of chemicals.

1) I will write you out personalized strong recommendations
2) I will tell you what a nurse or doctor would most likely say (or already has told you),
3) I will show the reproducable scientific method studies from the national institute of health (,, google NIH)
4) I can’t make a recommendation, but deviation from your standard treatment is most likely your best course of action.

and 5) followup every day via email.

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