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I am straight to the point, you will get Angelic Divine Intervention with me. I am the best of the best, GLOBALLY. Currently I have counseled over 40,000 people in 19 years. I also have a B.A. in Human Services and graduated magna cume laude. Let’s get you where you really want to be in your life! I provide: Crisis Intervention, Love Relationship Help, Career, Business, Education, Investments, and Marketing expertise. Family, Marriage, and Life Skills Help. I also greatly enjoy Medium readings, and helping people talk with family and friends who have passed over, for great healing and closure. I also love to Read Pets and help sweet, loving pet owners.

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B.A. in Human Services 19 years as a Professional Psychic, 13 years giving Healings.


I use NO TOOLS. Angelic Divine Intervention.

I will exceed expectations, my success stems from my strong love for people and empowering people’s lives, to become the healthiest, happiest, people on Earth.

I am an Angel “change intervention agent” I will give you forward thinking help, support, ideas, and creativity, and personalized empowerment. I love to give personalized divine intervention and angelic love, care, compassion, and ethical and professional services.

Let’s get you back to your true self and I will give you honest, direct, fast help now!

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08 Jun 2018 satisfactory ranking sweetqt777

I appreciate you but if the direction of the reading changes and it's not the same as other readings I'm getting at the same time I'm going to be confused I understand free will but I have since had my charts done and the timeline for him to reconnect has not even been reached astrologically With the planetary influences which is probably a version of divine timing he was not meant to come forward yet so if he still confused I don't think it's too late for him to change direction I've not even reached the timeline yet I'm just about to enter it so what I realize is this is a lesson in Love & Faith I will keep loving him and not living in fear no matter what the outcome I will just keep loving him and stop being fearful for what happens I believe he will return I think it's already written in the stars and the pull of that pulls him back Either way I will just keep loving him because that's all we're meant to do here in this world

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31 May 2018 satisfactory ranking maam1082

Shes really sweet not my best connection today sorry. Everything change after our first reading i know everything can change but i was looking for answers. Thank you for your advice anyways. And hate leaving this review.

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13 Apr 2018 satisfactory ranking Kudra (unregistered)

Really connected but I asked the same question five times and she kept avoiding it or just not answering. “I don’t know” would’ve at least been better than me wasting my paid time asking over and over.

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05 Apr 2018 satisfactory ranking ckennard373

Was my first reading ever so I'm a little sceptical. But overall seemed like good advice in general and I did get the answer I was looking and hoping for. Now just to wait and see if the prediction truly unfolds.

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25 Feb 2018 satisfactory ranking lostsoul209

Nice women were able to somewhat connect but she keep changing her story once I give her more information would not call her again if she connect with you great.

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