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Clairvoyant, Medium, Channel and Hypnotherapist with a 5 ★ rating. I do not use psychic tools or aids such as cards or pendulums. I directly channel my guides during a reading.

My spiritual counseling, psychic readings and medium connections cover all areas in life, career, health, (ANXIETY and FEAR), finances and relationships. I am a qualified Clinical Physiotherapist and Psychotherapist, two modalities I can incorporate into my consults at the consent of the client. specialize in relationships and family issues. Along side my spiritual guidance, I am very technically minded and so I am also very good with career and job related issues. I also deal with issues related to anxiety and depression and focus on the results of these states including addictions such as alcoholism, drug addictions, sex addictions and gambling addictions. I also detect mental and physical health issues for clients, but I CANNOT give medical advice other than to refer to a specialist in the correct field.

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My Philosophy

I believe that the best psychics operate from a spiritual plane and are truly trying to walk their spiritual talk. They are not into party tricks, but have the intention to serve others.

I work in a field of energy. I don’t believe in evil, I believe in lessons. A higher power shines warmly like the sun above us all, but some people have the shades drawn and live in the dark. Once they are filled with light, their darkness will disappear.

I believe that everything is about intentions. Intend to help, intend to serve and intend to make a difference, and you will. I hale from a family of psychics, who passionately helped many many people over the years. I will help you to to keep positive as in my belief, you will be given by the Universe, if you learn to ask for it. If you learn to embrace change and see the opportunity in every challenge. All are listened to my free chat room, where I aim to create a peaceful and calm atmosphere.


Am Clear, Extraordinary, Accurate, And To The Point. You Get The Feeling That The Connection Is Instant And Right To The Heart Of The Matter. If You’re Serious About Powerful Healing In Any Of Life’s Issues, I Have The Perfect Solution For You! Problems Can Be Solved Through My Powerful Healing Related To: Social, Personal Growth, Spiritual, Chronic Diseases, Pains

✔Re-Unite Lovers & Soul Mate ✔Career & Finance ✔Love & Relationships ✔Breaking Up & Divorce ✔Cheating & Affairs ✔ Single & Dating ✔ Parents & Children ✔ Marital Life ✔ Career Forecasts ✔ Occult ✔ Simple Living ✔Psychology: Personal/Humanistic, Transpersonal/Holistic. ✔Spiritual Growth: ✔Transpersonal ✔Psychotherapy ✔Opening Of Heart & Mind ✔Surrender, Compassion, ✔Contentment ✔Psychic Reading ✔Dream Analysis ✔ Single & Dating ✔Optimism ✔Picture Readings ✔Self Discovery ✔Energy & Spirtual Reading ✔Life Path And Destiny ✔Gay, Lesbian Friendly ✔Investigating ✔Email Reading ✔ Financial Outlook ✔Past Life Reading ✔ Spiritual Guidance ✔Spiritual Healing ✔ New Age Spirituality ✔Visualization, Energy Work i can guide you not only by wisdom and understanding but by the enlightenment of the Spirit. Learn first of all to be at peace with the spiritual situation which has been given you, and to make the most of it. If your situation is spiritually barren, do not let this discourage you, but work all the harder at what you yourself can do for your spiritual life. The life of self-centeredness and self-satisfaction lived by most of today’s human population is so all-pervading that it effectively seals them off from any understanding at all of spiritual life; and when such people do undertake spiritual life, it is only as another form of self-satisfaction. This can be seen quite clearly in the totally false religious ideals we find in the world today: all of them promise (and give very quickly) an experience of contentment and peace. But this is not a spiritual ideal at all, which, if anything, may be summed up as a fierce battle and struggle. Let me help you achieve enlightenment 4 your life. Predictions Don’t Just Happen. What Is Seen Is Based On The Current Courses Of Actions As Of The Time Of The Reading. You Do Have To Interact In Your Daily Life And Journey. There Are Certain Aspects About Everyday Life & People That No Matter What We May Like Or Not Like, We Cannot Edit These Things Out Of Our Lives Because We Do Need To Interact With Ourselves & The Journey Set Up For Us. There Are No Shortcuts In Life. If You Do Try To Take Shortcuts, It Can Have Serious Effects On Your Future And The Future Of A Multitude Of Others That You May Not Ever Know! The Information You May Be Given From A Psychic Is For You Alone. Sharing This Information Can Also Help To Affect Your Future As Well. You Do Need To Consider Carefully About Asking Personal Information That Another May Be "Thinking" Since This Can Be Considered An "Invasion Of Privacy" By That Person Or The Universe.

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