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My name is Pamela, I am a Spiritual Advisor that has had over 26 years
experience in love, relationships, energy level readings, tarot cards,
chakra balancing and spiritual cleansing.
At the age of 8, I knew there was something a little different in me
than most other kids. I would have dreams, that days later, brought up
the future. This happened until I was 11. I propped myself down on my
knees, frightened for my life and asked God,
"What are you trying to tell me? What do these dreams mean? They’re scaring me."

That’s when I realized, I had to put this power to good use.
There is no reason for us to slump in a
chair, sulking into a deep
depression of spiraling thoughts, "Will I ever find love? Will I ever find peace of mind? Happiness?
Success? Great fortune?"
Nobody likes to admit they need help. Don’t look at it as ‘help’. Look at it as guidance. Guidance to lives questions.

[P.S] I do not speak what you want to hear. I speak truth. Do not call unless you want the truth.


I have had the honor of using my clairvoyant gifts to help people see beyond the range of the moment, to help them experience the satisfaction of knowing what happens next. Although it often times can be a challenging process, I always utilize clairvoyance and the energy of spirits in order to help people experience the joy of being able to plan for the future — and to take the best steps in order to improve their situation as well. I always reveal exactly what I see, whether it is positive or negative.

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