Real Answers, Real Solutions! No Fluff! Compassionate, Honest Insight To Help You Get Back On Track!


Lost and Confused? Need the right solutions for all your love concerns? I can help you discover the answers you need in any situation so you can get back on track!

For over 25 years, I have been restoring peace and balance in people’s lives by detailed insights and real solutions to help them achieve their hearts desires! God gifted me with the ability to hear, feel and see into situations on a more deeper level, provide accurate, honest and in depth readings. I work closely with Angels and Spirit guides to reveal the answers you need to achieve the best results you can for your situation. Often, people feel refreshed, uplifted and empowered after having a session with me.

You may consult spirit in areas of love/relationships, family matters, business or career matters. Please no health ( including Pregnancy) or Legal matters. I don’t do them. I also do not provide Time frames in my sessions.

All sessions are private and confidential.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

B.A in Liberal Studies at California State University of Fullerton (2004)

Multiple Subject Credential ( Fullerton, 2005)

Certified Professional Psychic at: Crystal Ball Forum (AOL,1996) New Age Forum (AOL,1998), PSI (MSN, 2002)

Certified Tarot Teacher(Crystal Ball, 1996).

Spirit Communication Certificate (San Macros, 2007)

Mental & Physical Mediumship certificate ( San Macros, 2007)

I also own a shop of Joie Joelle manifesting the positive in people’s lives to promote healing, love, happiness, peace, and harmony through work of spell candles and other spiritual items.


Please Keep In Mind Before Calling:

1. NO FREE READINGS, NO FREE CONNECTION, NO FREE ANSWERS. I am really sorry, I do not provide this kind of service. You will be given the first 3 minutes free to state what you would like to ask Spirit. Answers are only given when payment is received. I need to conserve my energy for my paying clients as I work on various sites. I am also busy with my own shop orders when readings are not progress. Serious inquires only.

2. Be specific with your questions. I work more efficiently and quicker given exactly what you want to know. If you call to ask me what I can pick up on you, we are wasting our time as I do not work that way. Be organized and prepared with your questions when we begin and you will find that your readings will be in more detailed by spirit when you come prepared.

3.Have your First Name and Date of Birth (DOB) ready. I dont do astrology readings. Your DOB gives me your energy immediately to pick up on you quicker. If you are not comfortable with giving your info, I am not the expert for you.

4. ABSOLUTELY NO HEALTH (this includes pregnancy) OR LEGAL MATTERS! I am not a doctor or a lawyer so please consult an expert that specializes in those fields.

5. No TIMING QUESTIONS PLEASE, I DO NOT TO THEM. If you need timing please choose an expert that specializes in it. My belief is in Divine Timing where the Universe will decide when it is the right time for things to happen.

6. Please be considerate of our time in chat. Understand I work various psychic sites which means if you do not intend to continue further payment of our session when time is up then as a courtesy I will close out with my final thoughts of the last question I am answering for you. I do not answer bonus questions that are added after your paid time is up.

7. Please be respectful to me as I am to you. I am very kind and will help you to the best of my ability but I also expect my clients to act professionally. Any type of rude or abusive behavior during our chat or even after chat will not be tolerated and will be reported.

Many blessings to you I look forward to working with you.

Disclaimer: GOD is the only person that can make promises. We all know that there is free will and your prediction is a guide line of what is to come as long as you’re doing what is needed. Things can change based on the choices that you or others make and I leave room for that in my readings. Predictions are not guarantees or promises. By getting a reading on Bitwine, you understand that this is for entertainment purposes only.

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