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I am an Expert Love Psychic Specialist I use my Psychic gifts to see into your present situation ad reveal the future. How your love interest really feel, what they desire, and were the relationship is really headed. I am a Professional Psychic and Clairvoyant with 20 years of experience in using my psychic gifts to support you in your relationships and life directions. I was born with a special gift to help those who cannot help themselves. Questions such as: Does he/she really love me? Is he/she my Soulmate? Will my relationship last? Is he/she cheating on me? Will I be at my job next year? What will the future bring? What happened in my past? Why am I so unlucky? With my psychic insights, I can reveal what is going on with just your name and D.O.B. and the name of the person you are calling about. I will always tell you the truth, not what you want to hear. The truth may not always be easy to those in need of help. If you are ready for the truth and tired of wasting money and time on false hopes, call me .

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I am a Certified Astrologer and read three different tarot decks. My main gift is that of an Empath. I feel the energies around you and your partner very clearly. I am a Life Coach as well and have been helping couples for over ten years with love and relationship issues. Your call is completely confidential and your information is never shared with anyone.

WILL GIVE YOU THE TOOLS TO TURN AROUND AN EXISTING RELATIONSHIP, OR ATTRACT THE KIND OF LOVER YOU WANT AND DESERVE. I will be candid with you, and tell you exactly what you may be doing or not doing to sabotage a relationship. Please do not leave negative feedback if I tell you something you don't want to hear, I deal in truth, and denying the truth will only hurt you in the long run. YOU WILL ALWAYS GET THE TRUTH FROM ME. MY SPECIALITY IS REUNIFICATION........ LOVE KNOWS NO BOUNDARIES AND HAS NO LIMITS.

I am a 3rd generation psychic of Romanian descent, and have been helping people in this capacity for over 20 yrs.

I hope this day finds you well and in good spirits. I am here to help in anyway I can. To speed things along it is best for you to call with a prepared question and your name. I give, empathetic advice on Love, Relationships, and any other pressing issue you may need help with. I don’t tell you "what you want to hear" just for the sake of it to make you feel better. Please do not expect sugar coating. I will tell you what I see with kindness and compassion. I give you the truth because I care. Because I care, I am genuine, and I sincerely want to help you all who call. I am an honest person and those who are repeat customers know that about me and feel it on the other end of the phone. I do not judge you; your feelings and concerns are safe with me. I believe firmly in what I am doing, and know what I am doing, so I accept with love and empathy what you are going through.

The ability to hear, see, feel and connect with your energy are strong and I use these means, amongst others, to connect with you. I have inherited these gifts and honor from my mother, grandmother and great grandmother and further back, I suspect. I use my guides, 3rd eye and sometimes, my Tarot deck. I will give you the best truthful readings, I can on your particular situation. I also work with energies that are around me which are presented to me in STRONG IMAGES AND PHYSICAL FEELING. I put this in capitals because I am seeing that people can sometimes get confused by that. Do you need clarity and wisdom? Then please feel free to call me. I take my time with my clients and believe in giving you the attention you really need..

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03 Nov 2012 unsatisfactory ranking psychicnia23


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05 Oct 2012 unsatisfactory ranking allygirl89

WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY. I spent $10 and did not get any information. I wanted to connect with a loved one. She charged me and then told me this person was not willing to communicate with me. Then wanted to charge me $67 to "send" him my energy. Screw that. I want a refund!!!!!

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02 Oct 2012 unsatisfactory ranking sddm

pathetic. fakes like this should not be allowed on this site. wasted my money!!

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27 Jul 2011 unsatisfactory ranking mdbruh38

Horrible reading. I can understand why he/she charges .24. He/She is a shallow reader. The readeing was extremely vague unlike other reading I have had with other psychics. There was nothing he/she said that gave me the indication there were connected to my situation. He/She is one of the WORST reading I have had on this site.

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19 Jul 2011 unsatisfactory ranking jenbeth777

I wasted my money they never said a word.

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