Very Accurate, Honest, Gifted Psychic. Together we can discover your path to love, peace and true happiness. If you are going through a breakup or divore or trouble in your relationship, call me for excellent advice, guidance and answers. I'm here for you


Hello, Nice to meet you. My name is Mary, I am a 3rd generation psychic who specializes in love, relationships, marriage, soulmates, twin flames, break ups, divorce, etc. I am a love psychic who can help you understand everything it is you want to know about the one you are in love with. I can tell you how they are feeling, what they are thinking, why they may be acting weird. You name it!

I have been working as a psychic for over 20 years and love to help other.. I have helped thousands of people through the best and worst of their lives.. I walk with them, guide them, help them in every way I can. Not only as a psychic, but as a friend.. I truly admire, respect and appreciate my relationship with each and every one of you guys. And although our chats are sometimes only 15-30 minutes long, I love you guys and really appreciate the love that you have all given me here.

I am always honest, ethical, respectful, and never judgmental. I have been blessed to be able to help people with my psychic gift :)

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If you have questions about your love life, marriage, family, career, anything that is bothering you and you need answers look no further. I am here to help answer all of those tough questions for you and help guide you through whatever situation you are facing. I always offer 3 free minutes so please come in and chat, don’t be scared :)

in relationships there are questions that need to be answered. When you’re not getting the answers you deserve from the one you love then let me help answer them for you.. I can tell you how he is feeling, what he is thinking, why he is acting that way and more. If you have serious questions about your current situation please contact me.. Lets chat for at least 3 minutes :) I am here to help you find the answers you need about your relationship.


If I cant answer your call please email me using the email feature on bitwine. Also feel free to email me anytime to schedule your appointment. I am available as much as I can be and if you schedule a time it will be a lot easier and guaranteed to get a reading with me. This will ensure your time frame is safe My clients are my friends and I am able to help them find clarity around questions of love and romance, family, career and life in general. Feel free to come and chat with me anytime I am online and available.

I do not and will never offer to do spells for you or anyone. I will send you positive energy and add you to prayer list. Please never ask me for any service that includes spells, etc. thank you

I hope to talk to you soon. Mary

Thank you, Mary

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