Hailey Star

Hailey Star


Hello I am Hailey Star and I am here for YOU!!! I can see through my spirit guides and visions what is Going to happen in your life. I can show you inside your partners mind and read his/her deepest thoughts. I believe in love, fate and destiny. I am a third generation Cherokee reader. As a child I studied under my Grandmother and Mother, and am offering these gifts to you. You have already been led this far, and we are destined to speak. If you are looking for someone to sugar coat things and tell you what you want to hear other than the truth I am not the person for you… If you are seeking the truth then then give me a try and I will amaze you… I can’t wait to hear from you..

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

I have studied under many psychics and am now a master level. I have Many years experience in tarot.


I have been "gifted" my entire life. When I was a small child my visions, dreams and predictions would manifest all the time. As I have grown older and have had more experience I have learned to hone my skill to see things manifest almost instantly. I have many years of tarot experience but prefer to naturally read through spirit guides and energy.

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