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Hello My Name Is Annabell, I have been blessed with the amazing gift of Clairvoyance this allows me to read people and their energies with many years of experience in my field I have helped people not only by answering their questions but by guiding and advising them on what changes they should make to find their path in LIFE!

Do you have questions on Love, Life, Or Career? Want to know where your headed? What you can do to improve? I HAVE THE ANSWERS!


I have over 15 years of PROFESSIONAL experience in Guiding, Advising and Giving direction to those whom seek it! I was born with the gift of clairvoyance. As a young child I was able to read people but didn’t quite understand it. It was not till around age eleven that I began to understand and embrace my ability to read people after about 7 years of mentoring by some of the worlds most renowned psychics I found that I had perfected my ability to tune in to people’s energy even from a distance. I now have the opportunity to share this gift with you.

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